Meditation/Workshop: Sacred Essential Oil Experience

The next stage of understanding how to enhance your meditative journeys, self healing and transformation through using sacred essential oils.

Appreciating the vibration, frequency, history and unique signature of specific essential oils can enhance your daily rituals of mindfulness, energy expansion and much more.

This hour meditation is a journey of connecting with specific essential oils that have been used to cleanse auras, open third eye, support soul wounds and protect your personal energy field.

This workshop will also address managing stress issues and health ailments in this lifetime through mindfulness and the properties of essential oils.

Workshop: Understanding Vibrational Resonances of Essential Oils

Thanks to the internet, there is an abundance of information about essential oils and their usages. Getting to the next level of understanding with how to bring appropriate vibrational energy to support and uplift your energy can be confusing.

Some essential oils are extremely high in their frequency for example Rose at 320Hz. Whilst Basil is lower, measured at 52Hz. Sometimes people immediately think that they need the highest vibration in preference to the denser energies to ground our energy. This workshop will go over the vibrational frquencies and look at how to create an environment that stabilizes and supports your day to day energy and healing that you are after.

For our health we need a balance of Yin and Yang. For example, with a person suffering fatigue, a mistake of trying to uplift their energy when sometimes they need to balance and calm. It may feel like splitting hairs, but lets sit together in beautiful company with some herbal tea and work out what is best for you.

These workshops are not brand specific and extremely specific to your individual needs💜.