All Things Inflammation – 5 week program

🌸🌸 🌸 All Things Inflammation 🌸🌸🌸

October 2022

Amidst all the barrage of information overload, our bio-individuality (physically and emotionally) governs how we will respond with the many and varied protocols and pathways that are offered with calming or simply managing chronic inflammation in our body.

Inflammation impacts us individually and with common patterns. From spontaneous pain in our Achilles, back, hips or any joint; blood sugar; thyroid; digestion; auto-immune; sinus; abbhorrent cells (cancer), myalgia’s and the many more ways the body presents with inflammation –

At the core of all of this is your individual journey….. Your story and your health vision are the epicentre that radiates out into the world.

The reality is that once your inflammation markers are elevated and inflammation patterns settle in, a gentle calming process specific to your health, needs to harmoniously work with your personal triggers of inflammation. Sometimes the smallest change elevates stress which then increases the inflammation cycle further.

This program is an opportunity for you to be part of a group healing process with weekly coaching alongside one-on-one mentoring, plus an individual session with Maree. This is an immersion into all things about you and to improve your vitality.

Course Overview:

Week One: Your Story and Pathway Tuesday 18th October 2pm – 4pm

This week we establish our baseline and work through the journey of your inflammation story. Coming to an understanding of the big concepts of inflammation including methylation, epigenetics, generational health physical and emotional including trauma, health history, the layers and connectedness of physical, emotional, spiritual and quantum body.

Believe it or not…. This is actually a fun session 😊

Week Two: Calming Everything Down Tuesday 25th October 2pm – 4pm

It’s difficult when a friend or professional is certain that this remedy will work for you… then it doesn’t! Getting a grasp of your own bio-individuality, constitution and predispositions. We will have an inquiry into your relationship with inflammation in your life across the aspects of physical, emotional, spiritual and the quantum. Also a nutritional benchmark with fluid, nutrients, sleep, super foods, eliminations, mindfulness  & more 😊

Week Three: Your Infinity of Solutions – Monday 1st November 11am – 1pm

With so many solutions available how do I work through the noise and information and work out what is best for me…? We will go through the layers of healing, the role of toxicity, the process of therapeutic gentle movement. What most people overlook and why efforts seem to be misdirected. Digging deeper into your multiple layers of cause with inflammation and how some basic everyday activities turn out to be huge triggers for stress chemistry and creating patterns of chronic inflammation.

Week Four: Your Story and Pathway Tuesday 8th November 2pm – 4pm

Understanding your source of inflammation and the physical symptoms is the beginning. Go a little deeper with understanding cranial nerves, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, hormones, chemistry, nervous system, how to work out what elements what makes you stronger and weaker.

How to utilise multi modalities and understand different professionals, techniques, herbs, homeopathy, essences and many more…

Week Five: The Planning of your Pathway to Vitality – Tuesday 15th November 2pm – 4pm

The empowerment of your decisions with integrating the knowledge and self-inquiry from the last 4 sessions to formulate your plan.

Calming Inflammation, your body type, your triggers, your chemistry, nutrition, mindfulness, movement, sleep, stress management….. what you are happy to commit to.


Tuesday 18th October 2pm – 4pm, Tuesday 25th October 2pm – 4pm, Monday 1st November 11am – 1pm, Tuesday 8th November 2pm – 4pm, Tuesday 15th November 2pm- 4pm

Participation via Zoom also available

Investment for the 5 week program $255. Payment plan available.

How to Enrol

Text Maree 0428 438315 or email