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  • Centre hours and Chiropractic Update May 2019
  • Electromagnetic Radiation EMR Health Consequences and what you can be doing to strengthen your cells
  • Rejuvenation Yoga Sessions with Maree: May Timetable 2019
  • Speciality workshops during May / June 2019

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Awesome Lisa at Reception Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga Nelson Bay

Chiropractic News

Dr Kevin Schwager has expanded the opening hours at Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga. Available all day Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

Dr Tim Woicek will be attending the Practice from Monday 6th May to Monday 13th May caring for Chiropractic Patients.

Dr Kevin will return to the Practice Tuesday 14th May 2019 to normal hours.     

Chiropractic Spinal Health Week is celebrated May 20-26. Led by The Australian Chiropractic Association. The focus of Spinal Health Week in 2019 is helping people understand the benefits of Chiropractic Care with the theme – “Ready for Life?”

The awareness of spinal care for each stage of life with posture, injury, mobility and Chiropractic as a drug and surgery free modality of treatment, diagnosis, management and prevention of disorders of the spine. As a long term member of the Australian Chiropractic Association, Kevin looks forward to supporting this campaign during May. 

Health Alert:

The following is an excerpt from an article available by Maree Frawley following this link: EMR Safety – Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga. Maree is soon releasing her eBook on EMR which breaks down the science, history and future health issues if we continue on our current pathway with Electromagnetic Radiation. 

Electromagnetic Radiation is a Health Burden and EHS Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is real!

Technology for many of us (including me) can be an extension of our body. Adding convenience, safety, entertainment and so much more. Some simple awareness and straight forward changes can assist you in managing your exposure and reducing the inflammation burden that is being triggered in your body. Wireless technology is inescapable and is seen as essential, necessary for safety and convenient. Our connection to our loved ones, community, world basic workplace and safety now depends on this infrastructure and often justifies addictive behaviours to technology.

The challenge is that compared to EMR from nature we are being exposed to human made EMR that today in 2019, is 1018 times greater than what we were exposed to with natural radiation. In our world today, we are dealing with these frequencies 24/7 and if 5G goes ahead, our cells need the strength to evolve and handle a whole new complication of wave band width as well as the frequency level. 

As humans, we are electrical in nature….

Scientific research shows our interaction with human-made electromagnetic frequencies is weakening us and contributing to an incredible health burden. Some examples of human made EMR include our 24/7 exposure to wireless technology; mobile phones; mobile phone towers; modems; smart meters; fitbits. Then low-frequency magnetic fields from electrical wiring, alongside dirty electricity caused by solar panels, inverters, smart meters (again!) and electrical wiring issues.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is a Thing!

EHS = Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, impacts people differently and approximately 35% of the population are hypersensitive with more than 60% symptomatic. The challenge is that EMR impact can match many symptoms and often be completely overlooked in diagnosis with condition and or treatment. Gold standard peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown that human made electromagnetic radiation plays a major contributor to methylation or epigenetic stress pathways and oxidative stress.

What does that mean?

Human Made EMR = health burden and can trigger illness, disease and gene mutation!

These conditions include cancer, autoimmune and muscular skeletal inflammation. Beyond the air measurements, and safety standards, the most important measurement is you lying on your bed and your specific absorption rate in your sleeping environment. Sleep is when our healing and cellular repair occurs. So having a clear sleeping environment is the foundation for recovery and cellular rebuilding and life cycle. The following are some simple foundations for you to consider as stepping stones to reducing your exposure to high levels of EMR.

EMR Basics at a very minimum:

  • Grounding Yourself each morning – barefoot on the ground…. for as much time as possible. At least 20 minutes has been shown through scientific research to improve health. (With knowledge in building biology, be aware of Grounding Mats due to potential electrical wiring issues and negative effects). 
  • Being in the sunlight of a morning for approximately 20 minutes. Ideally without lenses to reset bio-chemistry including melatonin/cortisol. Skin and eyes are the biggest absorbers of vitamin D. (Not looking directly into the sun!)
  • Use air tube headsets and get ride of generic ear buds and blue tooth ear pieces…. even the air tube blue tooth headsets.
  • Keep technology away from your body whenever possible. Do not hold your phone to your head and when ever possible do not hold your phone. 
  • Radiation deflection cases for phones are great. Essential for those who place their phone in pockets on their body. Phones and all wireless technology is recommended to be at least 10cm from the body. This includes smart watches. 
  • Lap top deflection pads and technology shielding
  • For information on Radiation Protection Solutions FRIEND20 in promo code
  • Put your wireless modem on a timer so it is off while you sleep. Keep the wireless component off whenever possible.
  • Minimise blue and white light exposure at least an hour before bed. (Blue and white spectrum light increase cortisol and reduce melatonin required for healthy sleep cycles. Rose coloured glasses have been designed for night-time usage. 
  • Turn your mobile phone off. Or a starting point is on flight mode or out of the bedroom.
Meassuring your Personal Specific Absorption Rate is essential
High Frequency Digital Probe measuring the personal absorption rate in microvolt. This EMR measurement is extremely high and not ideal for a sleeping environment.

We all accumulate habits and for many of us, technology is an extension of our body and an essential safety item.

In my journey of strengthening I also used BlueShield Technology which really helped. We have BlueShield technology running at the Practice / Home 24/7. That is great news for any visitors and our neighbours who also benefit from us having this technology. To understand more about BlueShield Technology Blueshield technology and Tesla devices release pulses to assist the body to strengthen via waves that come from nature as opposed to the man-made frequencies. 

If you feel effected by EMR there are excellent pathways to strengthen and harmonise your physiology to stabilise and improve your health. Nutrition, nervous system support, technologies, essential oils, breathing and mindset are just a few of the many pathways when combined together that can assist you to better handle the challenges. This is a multifaceted support.

First step: Awareness of your own specific absorption rate (SAR). 

If you are close to mobile phone towers, have a smart meter on your bedroom wall etc, I would recommend getting your measurements done with a home assessment or hire our equipment to measure your own results.

It is your Specific Absorption Rate that matters and if you need healing from disease that you are dealing with you need to allow your cells to recover.

Understanding your personal absorption rate and how to reduce levels in your bedroom is essential for recovery! Home Assessments and Hiring of Equipment are available via Maree at Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga. For further information please email inspiredvitality@mareefrawley.com. To read the full article, EMR Safety – Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga

Rejuvenation Yoga Nelson Bay with Maree

May Yoga Timetable 2019

Monday 8.45am
Tuesday 8.45am 4.45pm
Thursday 6.15am 8.45am 6pm

Interruptions to Yoga during May 2019: There are no Yoga Sessions Monday 6th May, Tuesday 7th May, Thursday 9th May and Monday 13th May.

Classes back to normal Tuesday 14th May 2019.  

Specialty Workshops and Services


Monday 20th May 12pm and 6pm. Cost $20 or a visit off your 5 session Yoga pass.

In the world of essential oils there is so much more to understand than just their aromas. Appreciating their vibration, frequency, history and their signature are a link to the sacred information that can be used for daily rituals with mindfulness and energy expansion amongst much more.

This hour meditation is a journey of connecting with specific essential oils that have been used to cleanse energy, open third eye and work on supporting soul wounds.

This workshop is for the open-minded to essential oils. It goes far beyond the limbic and endocannabinoid systems. New community members are welcome. 



Thursday 23rd May 12pm Cost $5

This workshop will be a sensation delight with how to enhance the clearing of your space and clearing of your energy field with respect to Australian Indigenous plants and practices and what is appealing to your senses. How to expand your collection and then how to integrate into your everyday life. Allow 90 minutes.

In preparation, write down any questions and the essential oils you already have at home so we can develop a plan for you. Maybe take a photo of what you have and then I will know the brand as well (please let me know of any allergies prior to ensure any triggers are eliminated from the room). This is also open for people who have attended before to continue your knowledge expansion.

The discussion will be specific to those in the room.         



Monday 27th May 6pm and Thursday 30th May 12pm. Cost FREE.


As recent as last month in our own family life, this issue again highlighted me spreading the message about understanding personal absorption rate of electromagnetic radiation with high and low frequencies.

The recommended levels concerning personal absorption rate have been reviewed and this information is not making it into the general public. Research has shown that if you are measuring high with your absorption rate, this can impact sleep, oxidisation stress, methylation, inflammation in your body alongside cancers and autoimmune responses. Improving our recovery and rejuvenation reduces the potential triggering of epigenetics.

In the measurements here in the house at Nelson Bay, Kevin’s measurements were below the level of not only the World Health Organisation, but also building biology. However, the kids’ measurements were very high and mine were in an extremely high range. We made some modifications and we are all in a more acceptable range. Come along and see this process and get some simple strategies for making your homes safer with Smart Meters, mobile phone tower exposure and the numerous other sources of radiation we are exposed to during sleep time. 

Personal Absorption Rate Measurement

For keynotes on this subject Maree is available to talk at meetings, schools and workplaces to raise and increase awareness of improving sleep environments and reducing exposure to electromagnetic radiation.


Thursday 6th June 12pm $20

This hour workshop is a joyful mindful experience aimed at giving you take home practices to help you take steps to awaken this important part of your brain.

Increasing activity in this area of the brain has been shown to improve your memory, your task prioritization, improved relationships, alongside your management of stress and pain.

This workshop is the beginning of a beautiful pathway of practice that combines the neuroscience and yoga into simple daily techniques for your emotional balance.



Monday 3rd June 6pm $20

It is not always about having a break. Sometimes it’s as simple as doing the exercises slightly different for your mechanics. Come along to this workshop if you are already in an exercise program,but your body is responding with injury and inflammation. From shoulders, hips, backs, necks, knees along with specific needs of those who show up.

Bring your questions and your program you are following. Bookings essential.


Health Rejuvenation Retreat Day End of June 2019

Stay posted for details about this amazing day to be scheduled for the end of June 2019. 

Inspiring Vitality Program launches May 2019

The launch of this program is happening in May 2019. This program is a 28 day program to support physical and emotional transitions and simplify the pathway of self transformation. This program goes hand in hand with Health Mapping and Rejuvenation Sessions with Maree.

The program is daily support and activities that help you individualise your exercise, mindset and daily practices for meditation and yoga.

To express interest in these programs please REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE. Further information will be available in the near future. 

Reflections for May

“Meditate to the sounds of the universe” Dr. Wayne Dyer

“Expect miracles and make room in your life for them to come true.” Miracles

“The World is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” W.B. Yeats

Joke for The Month Of May

“Many people only know 25 letters in the alphabet and they don’t know why.” Congratulations Denise, you have won a Young Living Essential Oil!

Some other jokes on offer:🤣

How do all the oceans say hello to each other…… They wave 🤣

Why do bees have sticky hair?….. Because they use honey combs… 🤣

Hopefully one day you Yogi’s will believe me when I ask you to smile 😊

Challenge for May 2019

We know we can push hard.

Can you take the time to do your exercise, gentle stretches and some mindful breathing each day.

If you need support or access to Online Resources, please make contact for access to our online stretching videos inspiredvitality@mareefrawley.com.

Best wishes to you for May 2019
Maree, Kevin and Lisa 

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