EMR Health Solutions to Ease the Health Burden of EMR

Electromagnetic Radiation and Safety Solutions should be at the forefront of any person who uses technology in a “heavy”, “high use” manner.

To clarify what high use may be….. extended periods of over 6 minutes was regarded as high usage on a cellular level in the 1950’s. Somehow we have drifted away from our awareness of safety and technology because of the convenience, excitement, safety and therapeutic additions it has brought into our current lifestyle.


The main EMR issues are:

  • chronic exposure,
  • exposure too close to our physiology
  • and the chemical, cellular electrical response that our body has.

Therefore solutions need to focus on

  • reducing exposure,
  • eliminate exposure (where and when possible) and
  • harmonising your cells to deal with the health burden of EMR.

If you are still not sure of the chemical issue that technology brings, I will post an article on this in the next days. Geopathic and electromagnetic radiation stress impact our cells, bio-chemistry and our overall resonance as electrical beings.

Below are a list of products and providers that we have been testing for solutions for EMR issues, specifically reducing radiation exposure and harmonising cells. There are many more providers and lots of solutions coming out, but here is an easy starting point of good quality science based options.

I have also tried crystals, essential oils, orgone, salt lamps and all different options of harmonising gadgets including dirty electricity options and other harmonising agents. The following list is a “mainstream” set of options the basics including, I will get to the other options in the next few weeks. The readings and results for these solutions for different elements of geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiation where all a positive gain.

This article and resource specifically covers:

  • Phone covers
  • Air Tube Ear buds
  • Lap Top shields
  • iPad cases
  • Smart Card
  • Body Well Chip


Remember the fundamentals of EMR

  • Turn off technology when not being used
  • Keep technology away from your body
  • If technology is close to your body, have it in radiation protection technology
  • Do not rest iPads/ lap tops on your body…. look at deflection pads
  • Turn WiFi off when you are sleeping. Your router, your phone, all devices.
  • Reduce screen time of an evening and no white / blue light an hour before bed

Also remember

  • Ground yourself barefoot on the Earth for 15-20 minutes per day
  • Have your eyes in natural light in the early hours of the morning about 10 minutes

There are always more options, but let’s master the basics.

In the following items, I have tested some of these products and am a fan of the radiation solutions of Earthing Oz. Depending on the brand of technology you use, will determine what company you go with.

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety – Interim Products List

Defender Shield

Defender Shield provide solutions with mainly Apple Technology. Although they do have some generic or universal cases, they shine with iPad, iPhone cases. Their prices are in US dollars and are fairly pricey, however, their quality and statistics with safety are terrific. Their blue light filtered glasses are great, again costly.




Smart Card

The smart card work on EMR distortion equaliser technology. There are fairly strong opinions about the effectiveness of these cards. They are a cheaper entry level technology that you place on your technology to assist in neutralising the waves impracting your cells. We have not used these, but I know people who do use them. It is difficult to measure any change, so for me it is not a pathway I personally choose for my family.


Earthing Oz and BlueShield

The Blushield Technology is something I am a huge fan of! It certainly has made a world of difference in our family and sensitivities. This page has a great selection of EMR supports including Blue Light Glasses, Safe Sleeve Cases, Cellsafe Cases, AirTube Headsets.

I have set up a discount with postage with these providers and to also track who come in off my recommendation. If you are purchasing something type MAREE into coupon field and you will be eligible for free delivery over $150. Even if you purchase Blueshield I would appreciate if you still type MAREE in as an awareness to them of the traffic I put through.

When we were starting out with our journey with EMR protection, I was hesitant with the investment of Blushield Technology. After months of research and guidance with the worlds’ best geo-technicans, I purchased the gold cube and the portable devices and there was no regret at all on my behalf. I am happy to discuss options and the reason why I chose the gold cube to individuals if you wish to email or make contact via messenger.

The Grounding and Earthing Options on this page, are not encouraged by building biologists as many Australian homes have electrical issues that you do not want to be grounding out for the numerous hours during your sleep. Please check for wiring issues prior to implementing grounding technology. Make contact for simple ways of checking whether you have wiring issues.

Above all, remember the very basic aspects of grounding – barefoot on the Earth is a great starting point.

A futher mention about Blue Light Filter Glasses and Air Tube Headsets

I personally recommend eBay for your purchase of the glasses and the Air Tube Headsets. The non-branded orange glasses we purchased for any night time work, they have kids styles, other styles including a pair to sit over reading glasses.

With the Air Tube Headsets…. please steer clear of the Blue Tooth Air Tube.

On eBay you will find providers of Air Tube Headsets and although you may wait a little longer, you can probably still get 3 pairs for the price of one with some of the providers above.

As a Side Note

As a side note, in all of my digging for different current providers, I stumbled across Goodness Me Boxes. If you have not stumbled across them yet, they are a great gift and also an amazing way to test superfoods and different health foods without investing a whole heap of funds in foods that may not be to your pallett.

Goodness Me Boxes

These are great presents, for yourself or as gifts. You choose 7-10 current healthy food options that you would like to try and they will be gift packaged to your door. There can be a subscription component, but as a stepping stone to sampling different good tasting super foods and new health options, it is a low cost safe option.

Although the addition of these boxes into this article may be a little random, nutrition is as essential as your electrical body when it comes to cellular regeneration and managing sufficient anti-oxidants in your day to day living.

Superfoods and detoxing are an essential part of managing the free radicals and oxidisation chemistry that is one of the underlying health burdens with EMR. Removing heavy metals gently, supplementing with iodine rich foods, CoQ10 and Vitamin C are the front line defence for cellular repair.

When it comes to your electrical body – your nervous system, our family chooses Chiropractic care. Not simply for pain management, but for the maintenance of our nervous system. If you need names of great Chiropractors in your own area, please make contact.

I will update this list with more options as I am able to validate their claims and usage and check with my professional network.

This is an ever changing area and can be an emotional topic due to the belief systems that it confronts. Walk your pathway of learning gently and remember that your emotional health is essential. Practice gratitude and love 💖



Please note although some of these are affiliate links and I disclose they are affiliate links by law, but to date over 3 years of referring, I have not received any commissions…. If I eventually do, I hope you think that is ok 😊💜😊

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