EMR Health Solutions to Ease the Health Burden of EMR

Begin to minimise effects of EMR

The health effects of EMR – electromagnetic radiation, can have a positive and or negative impact on our overall health. This is by no means a new scientific discovery. The detrimental health impacts of synthetic EMR and high level natural EMR, have been scientifically documented in medical, engineering, building biology, energetic healing and quantum biology to mention a few in different disciplines – for centuries. This article reviews the understanding of how to make some immediate improvements with your technology habits, what to look for around your home and potential next steps to remove the health burdens of EMR, whilst still functioning in this world.

A point to ponder….

Electromagnetic Radiation and Safety Solutions should be at the forefront of any person who uses technology in a “heavy”, “high use” manner.

To clarify what high use may be….. extended periods of over 6 minutes was regarded as high usage on a cellular level in the 1950’s. Cellular change was documented after 6 minutes of exposure to radio frequencies on fit strong armed service men. In fact prior to the navy officers going to shore, it was a well known activity for the Officers to stand close to the radar to ensure they would be “shooting blanks”, in potential “physical relations” that could happen on shore.

Just to reiterate….. 6 minutes was regarded as high usage on a cellular level! The potential exposure in the 1950’s was far lower than what we are exposed to in today’s saturated air waves.

Just as many parents today grew up with their parents saying stand back from the TV …. (the old TV’s – non-smart) at least 1.5 meters. The reality is now, the devices are attached to physical bodies 24 hours a day. With often multiple devices within the approximate 1.5 meters for a huge part of the day.


Somehow we have drifted away from our awareness of safety and technology maybe because of the convenience, excitement, safety and therapeutic additions it has brought into our current lifestyle. I agree that we need to function in this world and it’s modern conveniences. The connection, education, sense of belonging and status, working from home, study, lockdowns and desire to stay up with world events, smart meters, smart homes, among many other points has increased technology usage.


The main EMR issues are:

  • chronic exposure, sometimes 24/7
  • exposure too close to our physiology, often multiple devices
  • and the chemical, cellular electrical response that our body has
  • the total load theorem – not just one health challenge, but multiple burdens increasing liver challenges, methylation, cellular challenges, sleep issues, chemical / hormonal imbalance, adrenal overload and many more issues.

Therefore solutions need to focus on

  • reducing exposure,
  • eliminate exposure (where and when possible) and
  • harmonising your cells to deal with the health burden of EMR
  • strengthen your liver, gut, brain frequency and vibrational health.

Health Impact of EMR explained very briefly…. 

Geopathic and electromagnetic radiation, alongside radio frequencies cause bio-chemical stress, cellular weakness and calcium dumps in cells. As much as the awareness of gut health has increased (which is important), when dealing with EMR & RF (radio frequencies), we need to support the functioning of the liver. Liver is responsible for inflammation. So if you have inflammation in your body in any way such as joints, visceral, cellular, immune or other areas, you obviously need to address the area of inflammation whilst simultaneously supporting your liver health.


What works and what does not work with EMR….

I have tried crystals, essential oils, orgone, salt lamps, radiation shielding, cheap innovative shielding and all different options of harmonising gadgets including dirty electricity options and other harmonising agents. It is important to understand our individuality and what may work for one person really well, may not have the same results to another due to the concept of bio-individuality.

Below, I have reviewed some of the products we have tried over the years. This is in relation to the reduced measures with the instrumentation that I have due to my training as a geo-technician. Be mindful that most meters that are recommended by mainstream retailers in the EMR world are taking measurements of the air – which is important. However, what is more important is your individual measurement with how EMR is impacting you – your specific absorption rate. In our family my husband, has a much lower reading that what our children or what I was getting in different environments or with different supports. So please do not buy expensive meters that may not actually give you the reading that you need…. the measurement of your physical absorption. Take the time and research where to best invest your time, energy and dollars.



Remember the fundamentals of EMR

  • Turn off technology when not being used…. especially at night
  • Keep technology away from your body as much as possible – stop holding your devices! Practice using stylex pens on screens (you can get these from cheap bulk shops rather than paying premium in brand shops)
  • If technology is close to your body, have it in radiation protection technology. Examples: protective gloves, cases, deflectors
  • Do not rest iPads/ lap tops on your body. Groin / tummy / chest …. look at deflection pads or protective cases
  • Turn WiFi off when you are sleeping. Your router, your phone, all devices. At the minimum have devices out of the bedroom, especially if you are concerned about emergency phone calls. If you are relying on your device as an alarm, go buy a $5 alarm that has batteries.
  • Reduce screen time of an evening and no white / blue light an hour before bed. Look at blue light filters on your technology as well as blue light filter glasses. (Blue/ white light increases adrenalin and cortisol. These chemicals reduce your melatonin which is essential for quality sleep.

Also remember

  • Ground yourself barefoot on the Earth for 15-20 minutes per day
  • Have your eyes in natural light in the early hours of the morning about 10 minutes
  • Potential nutritional support such as iodine, CoQ10, vit C, MSM. Please do this in consultation with a Health Practitioner
  • Remember if you have inflammation in your body – you need liver supporting protocols. Consult your Health Practitioner

There are always more levels of details, but let’s master the basics.

In the following items, I have tested some of these products and am a fan of the radiation solutions of Defender Shield and OrgoneEffects. This article focuses on Defender Shield.

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety


Defender Shield

Defender Shield provide amazing solutions. Their webpage is in American dollars and they have regular promotions and discounts. The quality of the products is great.

Defender Shield, have some generic or universal phone cases (which we are very happy with for our Android technology), they shine with iPad and iPhone cases. These phone cases are products that we use with confidence due to the massively reduced personal absorption measurements when using technology and lap top/ipad deflector shields.

The blue light filter glasses are a true highlight. Other brands we have tried although effective, were certainly a conversation starter due to their unique appearance. Defender Shield have options of magnification and a style that can fit over presciption glasses. There is a night time filter of 99% and a daytime filter of 50%. Highly recommend!

The other product that was an awesome surprise were the headphones. Over the years, the air tube headsets have been staple safety equipment for our family. There are cheaper and quality airtube headsets on ebay. However, the headset style like earmuffs with a microphone are terrific. Especially for students and the now endless zoom meetings that you may be having.


A futher mention about Blue Light Filter Glasses and Air Tube Headsets

I personally recommend eBay for your purchase of the Air Tube Headsets. Many retailers of Air Tube headsets are from the same supplier in China and simply repackaged. There are some brands that have gone above and beyond the basic specs, however, you will notice the price only goes up and up.

On eBay you will find providers of Air Tube Headsets and although you may wait a little longer, you can probably still get 3 pairs for the price of one with some of the providers above.

With the Air Tube Headsets…. please steer clear of the Blue Tooth Air Tube. The Blue Tooth is still far too close to your brain. Wherever possible, the aim is to get technology further away from your body, then shielding to mitigate exposures.


As a Side Note


Superfoods and detoxing (only when out of inflammation and adrenal overload cycle!) are an essential part of managing the free radicals and oxidisation chemistry health burdens with EMR. Removing heavy metals gently, supplementing with iodine rich foods, CoQ10 and Vitamin C are the front line defence for cellular repair.

When it comes to your electrical body – your nervous system, our family chooses Chiropractic care. Not simply for pain management, but for the maintenance of our nervous system.

This is an ever changing area and can be an emotional topic due to the belief systems that it confronts. Walk your pathway of learning gently and remember that your emotional health is essential. Practice gratitude and love 💖



Please note my use of the affiliate link above. I disclose they are affiliate links by law, but to date over 3 years of referring, I have not received any commissions…. If I eventually do, I hope you think that is ok 😊💜😊 We are big fans of their products.

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