EMR Safety

Electromagnetic Radiation is a Health Burden:

EHS Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is real!

Written By Maree Frawley

Technology for many of us (including me) is an extension of our body. Adding convenience, safety, entertainment and so much more. Some simple awareness and simple changes can assist you in managing your exposure and reducing the inflammation burden that is being triggered in your body.

Wireless technology is inescapable and is seen as essential and convenient. Our connection to our loved ones, community and world depends on this infrastructure. We also need to have the wisdom to turn technology off and benefit from reducing our exposure to human made electromagnetic radiation.

EMR is all around us. Our challenge is that compared to nature we are being exposed to EMR that today in 2019, is 1018 times greater than natural radiation. Another point to understand is our DNA has evolved over time to handle the radiation of the sun and nature during the day. During the day our cells are in a destroy cycle. At night our cells repair and the frequencies of EMR from nature are also lower.

In this era we have electromagnetic fields and radio frequency fields that we are dealing with 24/7. Now of an evening with live streaming and data usage, alongside smart meter communication, our night time level exposure is higher than we have ever faced. Conductive mattresses, devices beside our bed and on our body. It is the chronic overall load and the reality that we are part of an experiment that is yielding results that are weakening both nature and the human race.

Understanding Types of Human Made EMR

Electromagnetic fields are created from electrical appliances, chords, wiring errors and the communication of smart meters with your appliances. Electromagnetic fields cannot be shielded , they need to be shut down. Be aware that many Australian homes do have wiring issues which increases the magnetic field that holds in the walls of your home. Electrical appliances are creating more magnetic fields because the smart meter is checking their usage regularly.

Radio Frequency such as mobile phones, mobile phone towers, modems, smart meters.

Dirty Electricity created from solar panels going back to the grid on infrastructure that does not have the capability.

If you use wireless technology and allow your children to use technology, the simple awareness and change in use of technology could be some of the most health enhancing decisions you make!

We are getting ZAPPED with human made electromagnetic radiation (EMR)! And many of us have No Idea and even worse, just do not want to know!

We are electrical in nature….

Scientific research shows our interaction with human-made electromagnetic frequencies is weakening us and contributing to an incredible health burden. Some examples of human made EMR include our 24/7 exposure to wireless technology; mobile phones; mobile phone towers; modems; smart meters. Then low frequency magnetic fields from electrical wiring, alongside dirty electricity caused by solar panels, inverters, smart meters (again!) and wiring issues.

The Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum

There is more information coming to this webpage to better explain why EMR is a challenge to our physiology and the discrepancy with the units of measurement being used by different research schools as opposed to our personal absorption rate.

Just like gluten sensitivities,

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is a Thing!

EMR impacts people differently and approximately 35% of the population are hypersensitive with more than 60% symptomatic due to EMR. The challenge is that EMR impact can match many symptoms and often be completely overlooked as a legitimate reason for health depletion. Gold standard peer reviewed scientific studies have shown that human made electromagnetic radiation is a major contributor to methylation or epigenetic stress pathways and oxidative stress. What does that mean?

Human Made EMR = health burden and can trigger illness, disease and gene mutation!

Safety standards of EMR reference SAR Specific Absorption Rate. Beyond the air measurements, the most important measurement is you lying on your bed and your specific absorption rate. This is the measurement that is relevant. Sleep is when our healing and cellular repair occurs. So having a clear sleeping environment is the foundation for recovery and cellular rebuilding and life cycle.

EMR levels have increased a quintillion times in the last decade (that is a 1 with 18 zeros!)

My Story…..

In high population areas, shopping centres, city centres or after air travel, I was dysfunctional in a very short period of time! I would have a fog in my brain, ringing in my ears, depression, debilitating sharp pain pass down the left side of my forehead, extreme chronic fatigue, poor restless sleep, social withdrawal, and migraine amongst many more symptoms. I literally felt zapped!

Every day I woke tired and a battle to manage physical inflammation. The ringing in my ears sometimes could knock me off balance. Sharp acute pain in my head would bring me to wince and contract with fear of what caused the pain.

I researched and studied with the world’s leading experts with electromagnetic hypersensitivity and studied Building Biology. Beyond my studies I read, studied and immersed myself with seminars, workshops, research and conversations with the world’s best and gained international qualification as a Geo-Technician with environmental medicine.

Safety standards and many measurements including flawed research are based on the measurement of air instead of microvolt which is the medical measurement of the body’s load with EMR. In my training my measurements were extremely high and to my relief much higher than my children’s measurements (their measurements were still too high). Upon seeing the measurements my partner embraced immediate and absolute change to our sleeping environment.

BlueShield technology was a great support for me and the family. I recommend the BlueShield products. As a family we purchased the cube and portable devices. This web page link also sells grounding products which are not supported by Building Biology mainly due to the electrical wiring issues that can be present in housing. The page also sells radiation deflecting products. We use this brand as well as further links below.


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Changes can be easy and simple!

EMR Basics:

Morning Activities

  • Grounding Yourself each morning – barefoot on the ground.
  • Being in the sunlight of a morning for approximately 20 minutes. Ideally without lenses to reset bio-chemistry including melatonin/cortisol. Skin and eyes are the biggest absorbers of vitamin D. (Not looking directly into the sun!)
  • Use air tube headsets and get ride of generic ear buds and blue tooth ear pieces.
  • Radiation deflection cases for phones are great
  • Lap top deflection pads
  • Radiation Protection Solutions FRIEND20 in promo code

Night Time Actions

Put your wireless modem on a timer so it is off while you sleep.

  • Minimise blue and white light exposure at least an hour before bed. (Blue and white spectrum light increase cortisol and reduce melatonin required for healthy sleep cycles.
  • Turn your mobile phone off. Or a starting point is on flight mode or out of the bedroom.
Meassuring your Personal Specific Absorption Rate is essential
High Frequency Digital Probe measuring the personal absorption rate in microvolt. This EMR measurement is extremely high and not ideal for a sleeping environment.

We all accumulate habits and for many of us, technology is an extension of our body and an essential safety item. Please understand there are radiation deflecting cases, orange tint glasses if you absolutely have to have screen time prior to sleep. In my journey of strengthening I also used BlueShield Technology which really helped.

When I immersed myself into the research of Environmental Illness including Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Radiation EMR, there was a huge amount of guilt and a massive desire to bury and ignore the information. My guilt was based on my ignorance regarding EMR and the subsequent danger I had placed my children in as well as my own and my partners health. Then there were the simple dismissive discussions with friends and family members that also strengthened the belief that technology is safe otherwise it would not be sold or be available so easily!

Next Steps with EMR Safety and Awareness

The ripple awareness of health challenges associated with EMR, /geopathic stress and our indoor lifestyle is happening. Yet not quick enough to benefit schools and people recovering in hospitals, exposed to extremely large volumes of EMR. The reason I mention these two areas specifically is because with facility upgrades comes wireless technology upgrades. With hospitals come a population that are experiencing health burdens and need the highest support to recover and heal. Schools we have developing brains alongside growing physiology. Many schools have wireless environments with routers that are constantly at peak output. With the schools that have industrial modems the modem is going to be near some group that should not be being exposed to that signal strength.


We are at a critical point to increase awareness and education and have calm conversations. There are simple pathways and I am here to educate and talk with community groups, workplace and schools. I invested in premium high frequency and low frequency probes that measure personal specific levels as there is no question that women and children are more vulnerable to higher absorption.

The bystander silence is one of the most dangerous and negligent types of silence which is why I gently raise these issues in the slowly growing awareness regarding the researched health burdens of electromagnetic radiation.

If you feel effected by EMR there are excellent pathways to strengthen and harmonise your physiology to stabilise and improve your health. If you are close to mobile phone towers, have a smart meter on your bedroom well etc, I would recommend getting your measurements done with a home assessment or hire our equipment to measure your own results. It is your Specific Absorption Rate that matters and if you need healing from disease that you are dealing with…. Understanding your personal absorption rate is essential for recovery!

Home Assessments are $250 plus any travel costs approximately $100 per hour.

Hiring of Equipment are available via Maree at Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga. For further information please email inspiredvitality@mareefrawley.com

Join us at the next EMR Safety Talk.

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