Exclusive Giggle News PSC May 2020


Our first month of online classes has had some wonderful moments. Thank you for your comments on the recordings, they truly are my only link with you and they inspire me so much! I used to love seeing “Replay”, but if you have time to add a little more it does help me and also other people with choosing sessions as well.

I love that many of you are doing more sessions than ever and I love that your back and overall wellbeing is strengthening! I truly am so happy for the improvements that you are experiencing. An obvious positive from this format is the freedom of you being able to do as many sessions of different programs in your own time in your own space. It would have been dfficult for me to offer all these programs face to face which had always been my goal. Now it is a case of gradually building an awesome library for you.

My aim is to give you a variety of sessions so that you can do some sort of session each day that provides you a variety of moves that help you with your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

If your pain is higher on a given day, you would choose the sessions that support your needs. If you want a bit more of a strength component, the Yogalates program will be evolving into some beautiful strength advancements. Pilates and specific everyday programs for knee, hip, shoulder and pelvic floor health will all be recorded early May.

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Always remember in the comfort of your home, you can do seated work on your lounge chair, you can do your lying down work on your bed…. please make sure you nurture and support yourself as much as you possibly can.

Imagine I am watching you…. how else would I pamper you, to ensure your comfort?!?!

Accessing the Page and Various Sessions

Although there are nearly 60 people with access to the page, there are a small group of you who have paid for access and enjoying the classes. Thank you for your support!

I am yet to take anyone out of the group as many who are in the group are not active and I find it a great way to communicate with our physical Nelson Bay Yoga community. As you know with our self management philosophy, I only attract beautiful people like yourselves, so I know people will be doing their best to honour themselves as well as my work and energy.

My hope is that I can support people to live with optimum vitality. If you have friends that you know would like to try sessions, I am happy for people to have a look around the page and do a week of trialling different sessions. Then then can choose to become VIP’s like yourself.

Sometimes people have been challenged attending the live sessions. With the constant updates and glitches I am dealing with at my end, here is my advice…. If a session starts at 3pm, wait a minute or so before going into the group page and then you should find the live feed. I find if I am on someone’s page early, I miss the feed.

I have thought of utilising zoom and still recording the sessions live on Facebook….. will give this more thought and time. My goal is to make this as easy for you beautiful people to access and play.

ALSO if you enjoy a specific session…. you can save the video for later by pressing on the small 3 dots at the side of the post for that video and then press save. You may be prompted to create a name for your list, but other than that…. easy. If you need any technical assistance, please message me.

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New programs and sessions in the group

My goals with the sessions are below. If there is anything else you can think of that you may want covered, please let me know.

  • Yoga Gentle Therapeutic
  • Yoga Vinyasa
  • Yogalates
  • Pilates – Different streams specific to body type
  • Meditation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Essential Oils Workshops
  • Pelvic Floor, Lazy Bowel Health and Recovery
  • Knee exercises
  • Hip exercises for mobility and stretching
  • Shoulder exercises
  • Sciatic recovery
  • Daily strength and mobility sequences
  • Yoga for men…. get your family involved
  • Soul fragmentation and soul retrieval meditations
  • Group Health Coaching Sessions to be also held in zoom
  • Self love Yoga and Meditations
  • Anxiety Management Techniques
  • Yoga for Sound Sleep
  • Daily mobility sequence
  • Qigong
  • Emotional Yoga
  • Elemental Practices
  • 30 days of Inspired Vitality Program

All of this will be an ongoing work in progress. Having to practice more than 200 hours in most styles of Yoga in my teacher training and then deliver 200 hours in most philosophys and styles for my teacher training takes me to a pathway of easiest and best results for physical and emotional balance for you. After a long time in biomechanics and physical conditioning, amongst 21 years of delivering Yoga, I really appreciate the ease and benefit of some sequences and the soulful connection to other movements. In the early transitions of the Health, Fitness and Yoga being slightly more regulated, I was one of the first Yoga teachers in Australia Registered at the 500 and then 1000 level. Many aspects of these standards have disappeared now, but if you need a hand individually with some sequences, please contact me as I guarantee there are others who will need the same support, it would be great to be sharing these knowledge banks as well.

2019-03-21 17.11.49-1

Just for some fun

I will make this a post on the Inspired Vitality Page and would love to see photos of your area that you practice your Yoga. Feel welcome to include pets, an abundance of cushions and blankies etc…..

And….. of course there are some typos and grammar issues in this…. I need to make sure you are all using your brain and attention to detail….. Always thinking of you!

Monthly Subscription to Group

Again I am so grateful for your support and encouragement! I miss you all and truly love your comments on the videos, so please keep your comments coming through.

I hope that you have enjoyed the value of $70 per month. I have put the transfer details on here to make an easy access point, should we have any of your friends or family commence.

Maree Frawley BSB 923 100 #16151769 Please put your name as reference 💕

Focus for the month of May


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To contact me either email or via the pages and Messenger.


Love and best wishes always ~ Maree