Exclusive News Yoga and Giggles June 2020


In the very near future some of you will be in the room with me in each others company whilst practicing our Yoga. My thoughts are below.

Rest assured the actual Facebook Group will continue and will support people who prefer to practice in their own home at their own leisure. For me it is a win win if you can do more Yoga alongside the Face to Face classes. If you have any thoughts or feedback about this, please send me a text or message with your suggestions or ideas. I will more than likely have a reduced timetable for various reasons…but I am so excited to see you soon!

Over the next couple of weeks, I would like to offer you an opportunity to have some one on one time if you just want to chat or if you have some personal health concerns that need supporting… you may just want to tell me about your favourite colours and some movie recommendations…. I truly welcome you to take the opportunity to connect with personally…. especially you beautifuls who are further away and will continue to utilise the Facebook Group. We can do this over the phone…. Messenger or you are welcome to come into the Practice. Please send me a message if you would like to have a 15 minute catch up etc.

What I have deeply recognised during this period of time, is my love for people and how much I have struggled with worth and emotions in being limited from supporting people. Working with Kevin on reception has kept me connected with people, but in a different way to my Coaching, Yoga and Health Advocacy. We have had our share of challenges and some changes will be required, please know that I will be continuing to teach Yoga and will have this platform available for you on Facebook and other platforms as required.

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Lower Back Pain… Hip Pain…. Sciatic…. Sacro Illiac Pain…. icky PAIN!

The common thread for many of you beautiful yogis is not simply pain and discomfort but issues with the back and hips and spontaneous flair ups….

Spinal Pain is a difficult pathway whether it is high in the neck or down low or radiating outwards to the side areas of your lower back. Supporting your recovery is essential. The old adage of no pain no gain really should be deleted from our memory bank when it comes to injury/pain recovery.

Oxygenate! Nurture!

Stabilising and managing pain, stretching and stability work, mindset, professional support and nutrition are only parts of the equation. The umbrella of these many supports is how they are best implemented for your individual needs.

Depending on your “body type” and symptoms, stage of life, activity levels, philosophy and mindset, the starting point for each of you will vary to some degree. Developing a recovery program specific to your body type and emotional needs is essential.

If you want support to navigate this pathway, please know that I can assist you to help your individual journey to stabilise, strengthen and thrive.

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What is going on in the world…..

By now all of us should have come across some truths otherwise known as conspiracy theories….. but you know our greatest duty at this time of world transition is to maintain our own personal vibration to maintain not only our health, but the health of those around us.

Vibrational health is essential for your physical body to work through the processes it requires to maintain homeostasis = balance = health.

There is “uncorrupted” (sorry for the distinction, but in my value system and qualifications, I now deem important) science that shows how we as a vibrational energy become the average harmonic vibration of that which we are surrounded by. So consider what you are allowing into your energy field and whether and how it is serving your higher purpose. Judging others and the world around us only damages our own energy. Focus on the beauty of humanity and practice the archeotype of the Unconditional Loving Mother Earth…. I guarantee you will find more peace.

Most of you are aware of my feelings about the news…. but I ask you to consider… how are you off setting… balancing out the visual horror of the news?… Do you go out of your way to laugh delirously for the same amount of time that you allow for the news? Do you go and practice outragous joyousness for the time you spend around dare I say… Toxic people…. You will be stronger when you are balanced….. The highs to equal the stressors…. Obviously in simplicity I am asking you to laugh more…!


Face to Face Classes

There are many Yogis in the community who are waiting for Face to Face classes to recommence. However, I also feel confidence with interacting in the broader community has been shaken to the core with some people preferring to stay at home. I am not certain as to how many will be returning to face to face classes.

I will be sending a text out over Thursday and Friday to get your opinions and also put a survey up in our Facebook Group. To cover the numbers of those of you who  have already indicated that you would prefer to attend a class, here is what I am thinking.

Tuesday 8.45am / 10.30am / 4.45pm / 6pm

Thursday 6.15am??? not sure about as many have disappeared / 8.45am

I can probably juggle some other classes as well if more people return to face to face classes.

I would also be encouraging some changes. Would love your thoughts about whether you might be comfortable bringing your own towels, potentially mats or blankies maybe cushions etc. It will be unrealistic to be washing blankies between each class. We will continue to sanitise mats between each class, but I guess it is more about what you are all comfortable with. Or another feasible option would be if you make a claim on a blankie in the room and you take it home between classes etc and give it adventures and feed it etc… this could really help out with managing clutter etc in the room….

There is no question that the world has changed and some things are for the best, especially when it is in awareness of general personal safety and sacred environments.

Please also let me know if you would just prefer to continue online. Again I emphasise the online platform will continue.


How Many “Deliberate” Spelling Mistakes Did You Find….?

Between you beautiful yogis and my beautiful sister who is also a treasured Yogi, I leave it up to you to find all my deliberate spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. I think it is important that I continue to challenge your attention to detail.

(Obviously if you are new to the fold… this is a blatant attempt of getting out of any typos….thank you for your love!)

Final Thoughts

I truly treasure and thank you for your support you have shown me and your health over the last few months. We all need to continue our healing and navigate these extaordinary times with a heart full of love and our energy strong, ignited and balanced.

Best Wishes Always


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