Meditation 101 😊

This session is an introduction into meditation and will be repeated each term. The session is ideal for

  • People who are struggling with creating regular meditation practice
  • People who believe it is difficult to quieten their mind
  • Have trouble getting to sleep
  • Get stressed about the thought of meditation
  • Are aware of the benefits of meditation, but not sure where to begin.
  • This is non-denominational

Workshop is 2 hours and can be attended via Zoom

12.30pm Thursday 9th February 2023 Colette Hall

Please text me 0428 438315 to arrange booking 🙏 or email

A word about meditation from Maree

Prior to my awareness of balance 😂… I had no comprehension of meditation. I was the person next in line to pay for something, who would be checking their watch 10 times per 30 seconds. I was the person getting 2 to 3 hours sleep because of insomnia as well as ridiculous work schedule. So for my health, I had to learn different ways of “being” to address the fast pass and addictions to exercise that I had developed. We all have our own journey, so if you need some support with the practice of meditation and all the amazing health benefits that it can bring – I am here for you 😊

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