Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga Health News June 2019

In this month’s Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga News:

  • Highlights from Chiropractic Awareness Week 2019 With Kevin
  • Upcoming Events at Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga
  • EMR Awareness, solutions and pathways
  • Gentle Self Healing Yoga with Maree

Nelson Bay Chiropractor Kevin….

Chiropractic Awareness Week 2019

The message this year was “Ready for Life!”

The extract below and images from the official campaign from the Australian Chiropractic Association aims to help people understand the awareness and potential benefits of posture and supporting spinal health.

The images were a great cross section of youth and youthfulness with posture and vitality. With the amazing health aware people who are part of our community – (which includes you!) we encourage you to maintain your posture, mobility and continue to live the life you desire.

Keep Active
Image from ACA Spinal Health Promotion

In our recent travels and whenever I am in crowded places, it is more visible than ever, with how posture and physical awareness is deteriorating.

A decade ago the focus was on the issues of seated posture. The greater concern now, is seated posture whilst using technology with the head too far forward and the increased kyphosis (rounded) upper back. The forward flexion and compression through the digestion which means inefficient breathing and subsequent issues through the spine are worthwhile you checking in and taking time to reset your posture.

Please take time to reset your posture and keep your head back in line with your tail bone. Gently work to realign and strengthen your alignment, so you can be as youthful and playful as you desire.

Chiro Can Help
Image from ACA Official Spinal Awareness Week Campaign 2019

Extract from Official Australian Chiropractic Awareness and Spinal Care Week May 2019:

“According to the World Health Organization, musculoskeletal conditions that reduce mobility, dexterity and functional ability, are the second largest cause of disability worldwide. Musculoskeletal conditions can have a damaging effect on your quality of life by affecting your ability to participate in work, social activities and sports. In Australia, 3.7 million people reported back problems in 2015 alone.

With statistics like these and the burden of low back pain ranking first in Australia, it is likely that you or someone you know could suffer from back pain. Improving posture, maintaining an active lifestyle and keeping your spinal health in check can help you continue to do the things you love and always be Ready for Life!”

Improve Posture
Image from ACA Official Spinal Awareness Week Campaign 2019

Your Referrals are a Great Gift to us!

Thank you for your referral of family, friends and your clients!

Thank you for your ongoing support of Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga and congratulations for your inspired commitment to your health.

We look forward to supporting you towards your health goals!


June and July Events 2019

June Long Weekend. The practice hours and Yoga sessions are slightly modified for this time period. The Practice will be closed Friday 7th and Monday 10th.

No Yoga on Monday 10th June.

We wish everyone a safe June Long Weekend.

During July there will be a small break in the Yoga sessions July 1st to July 5th.

Yoga Classes with Maree resume Monday 8th July.

Classes are running during school holidays.

Stay tuned via Facebook for any class updates and scheduled events.

Health Workshops June / July 2019

Workshop: Understanding Vibrational Resonances of Essential Oils

Thanks to the internet, there is an abundance of information about essential oils and their usages. Getting to the next level of understanding with how to bring appropriate vibrational energy to support and uplift your energy can be confusing.

Some essential oils are extremely high in their frequency for example Rose at 320Hz. Whilst Basil is lower, measured at 52Hz. Sometimes people immediately think that they need the highest vibration in preference to the denser energies to ground our energy. This workshop will go over the vibrational frequencies and look at how to create an environment that stabilizes and supports your day to day energy and healing that you are after.

For our health we need a balance of Yin and Yang. For example, with a person suffering fatigue, a mistake of trying to uplift their energy when sometimes they need to balance and calm. It may feel like splitting hairs, but lets sit together in beautiful company with some herbal tea and work out what is best for you.

These workshops are not brand specific and extremely specific to your individual needs.

Thursday 20th June 2019 12pm
Cost $20 (or a session from your yoga pass)

Meditation/Workshop: Sacred Essential Oil Experience Chapter 2

The next stage of understanding how to enhance your meditative journeys, self healing and transformation through using sacred essential oils.

Appreciating the vibration, frequency, history and unique signature of specific essential oils can enhance your daily rituals of mindfulness, energy expansion and much more.

This hour meditation is a journey of connecting with specific essential oils that have been used to cleanse auras, open third eye, support soul wounds and protect your personal energy field.

This workshop will also address managing stress issues and health ailments in this lifetime through mindfulness and the properties of essential oils.

Monday 24th June 2019 12pm
Cost $20 (or a session from your yoga pass)

EMR Conductivity – Why do some people absorb more human made radiation than other people?…..

There are many studies now that have researched why some individuals have heightened sensitivity to EMR. There are differences between adults and children and whilst some males can be high conductors of EMR, generally women are higher in their Specific Absorption Rate of EMR.

The danger of EMR is the increased free radicals and the valted gated calcium channels that release too much calcium into cells leading to methylation and triggers of epigentics. The triggering of epigenetics means that the methylation of cells could trigger your genetic weakness. For different individuals this could be one or a combination of athritis, cancer, autoimmune, generic inflammation.

For empaths and individuals who tune in more to energy of others, this can predispose to being a higher conductor with specific absorption rate with EMR.

Individuals who hold higher levels of heavy metals in their body is a current research area with EMR and susceptibility. So far this is highlighting the need for gentle nutritional support to continue to support the body to remove heavy metals gently from the body.

Please do not do agressive detox or release as this can trigger inflammation and methylation due to increased demands on the liver and the adrenals. Work in conjunction with your health professional to ensure that your actions are specific to your current symptoms and immediate priorities. Stabilisation of inflammation is a much higher priority than detox pursuits

Environmental saturation can lead to weakness and increased absorption over time. Minimise exposure where possible and be mindful of the increased low frequency radiation that is also increasing in our homes due to smart meters.

Liver and overall digestion is a major support for dealing with oxidative and free radical stress which is accentuated via EMR. Many people are struggling with food sensitivities and digestive weakness.

If this is you, please go a step further and remove triggers of EMR. For more information on EMR Safety and immediate empowering steps you can take,

For further information about EMR safety, please Read more about EMR Safety

Feeling Zapped eBook by Maree Frawley to be released end of June 2019.

End of Financial Year Sale with Essential Oils Young Living and DoTerra….

Due to some orders that have fallen through there are some extra supplies on certain essential oils. All the below products are being offered as wholesale to you for the limited supply that are at Reception of Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga.

We are going to stock some boutique essential oils and I am happy to do any specific orders as required for either DoTerra or Young Living Essential Oils.

Beside each oil is an external link that has some basic uses for each oil to help you.

Young Living Products

Cinnamon Bark Retail $54.39 SALE $41.35
For potential benefits and uses of Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Lemongrass 15ml Retail $24.00 SALE $18.25
For potential benefits and uses of Lemongrass essential oil

Orange 15ml Retail $22.65 SALE $17.20
For potential benefits and uses of orange oil

Thieves 15ml Retail $76.70 SALE $58.30
For potential benefits and uses of Thieves essential oil

Tangerine 15ml Retail $36.10 SALE $27.45
For potential uses and benefits of tangerine essential oil

Acceptance 5ml Retail $85.65 SALE $65.10
For potential uses and benefits of Acceptance Essential Oil

Northern Lights Black Spruce 5ml Retail $53.90 SALE $40.95
For potential uses and benefits

Sacred Frankincense 5ml Retail $90.05 SALE $69.20
For potential benefits and uses of Sacred Frankincense essential oil

Breathe Roll On 10ml Retail $58.05 SALE $44.10
For potential uses and benefits

Sulfurzyme 180 capsules Retail $67.05 SALE $50.95
For potential uses

Do Terra Products
Fractionated Coconut Oil Retail $22 SALE $16.50

Lemon 15ml Retail $18 SALE $13.50
For potential benefits and uses of lemon essential oil

Ginger 15ml Retail $89.33 SALE $67
For potential uses and benefits

Spearmint 15ml Retail $62.65 SALE $47
Potential benefits and uses of spearmint essential oil

Siberian Fir 15ml Retail $36 SALE $27
Potential benefits and uses of siberian fir essential oil

Copaiba 15ml $69 Retail  SALE $52
Potential uses and benefits of Copaiba essential oil

Eucalyptus 15ml Retail $24 SALE $18
Potential uses and benefits of Eucalyptus essential oil

Lemon Grass 15ml Retail $17.33 SALE $13
For potential benefits and uses of Lemongrass essential oil

Wintergreen Retail $48 SALE $36
Potential uses and benefits for wintergreen essential oil

Arborvitae 5ml Retail $45.33 SALE $34
For potential benefits and uses

Motivate 5ml Retail $49.99  SALE $37.50
For potential uses and benefits

Ice Blue Rub 120ml Retail $50.65 SALE $40 – My favourite for muscle aches!

Yoga Update With Maree Nelson Bay

The second lot of tiedye shirts will happen mid June, so there is still time to get your white shirts in…. preferably pre-washed rather than new.

As an awareness point, be mindful that nearly all clothes are sprayed with chemicals to prevent dust and mites living on the fabrics due to shelf life. Especially imported clothes. Please make sure for your own safety that you are washing new clothes before you wear them. The first round of tiedyed shirts came out very different depending on fabrics and the different dye colours we used.

If you would like to leave a gold coin donation, it would be greatly appreciated….not necessary, but appreciated.

Katea and Kaiyu are also doing some fund raising with Namaste pom-poms on display at Reception. These are for sale for $5. The PomPoms are very thick, with a key ring attached and a beautiful rose gold feather for blessings of always great health. Funds raised are covering costs of some projects in the yoga room including woodwork projects for kneeling meditation stools and material to make eye patches.

Rejuvenation Yoga Timetable Enhancement with Maree

As of Monday 24th June there will be a 6pm Rejuvenation Yoga Session.

Monday 8.45am & 6pm
Tuesday 8.45am & 4.45pm
Thursday 6.15am and 8.45am

Chiropractic Wisdom from Kevin


Yoga Wisdom From Maree

Picture from fandomyoga.com

Keep doing what makes you strong!

We are here to support you and look forward to seeing during June 2019

Best wishes always
Kevin, Maree and Lisa