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Nelson Bay Chiropractor Kevin Schwager and Yoga and Rejuvenation Mentor Maree Frawley welcome you to Health News for July 2019 at Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga.

Chiropractic News

Port Stephens Chiropractors were represented by Kevin Schwager in NAIDOC celebrations this year in Redfern. Kevin was supporting 5th year Chiropractic students in their support of non-invasive health support for any community members that attended the festivities. 

Kevin said it was an extremely peaceful and enriching day that allowed upcoming Chiropractic Graduates to shine and support the promotion of the amazing non-invasive techniques that it can provide. Kevin’s attendance at this day enhanced his life as much as he was able to support others. 

Front of Practice

Chiropractic and Sciatic Pain Management

For those of you who have had or are dealing with Sciatic Pain, you are aware that it literally can be a pain in the butt! The pain can be so debilitating and limiting that the impact on daily living can be extremely difficult to manage.

Sometimes there are variations with Sciatic issues, sometimes differentiated to Piraformis Syndrome and Sciatica. Either way, pain needs to be managed and the cause of the pain addressed. Many people stop at simple pain management instead of removing the impingement, compression or removing the cause with non-invasive methods.

The sciatic nerve starts in the lower back and runs through the buttocks and down the backs of the legs. Sciatic pain radiates when there is a structural compression of the nerve in the lower back. This compression can be caused either by acute injury or degeneration over time.

Chiropractic adjustments can be delivered with various techniques. The techniques chosen can be dependent on the philosophy and mastery of the Chiropractor with what techniques are administered to the needs of the individual patient. Amongst other studies, The European Spine Journal published a study that revealed Chiropractic adjustments helped 72 percent of people in a clinical trial compared to a 50 percent success rate for corticosteroid injections and only a 20 percent success rate for physical therapy.

Walk your path gently and understand that moving towards the vision for your daily living is what is most important. You can move beyond pain and manage pain.

Your emotional state of being is as important as managing any physical pain.

Keep good energy and happy mental stimulus in your every day.

If you have questions about how Chiropractic Care with Kevin Schwager, could potentially assist you, please call Lisa or Maree to discuss.

Yoga and Rejuvenation Sessions With Maree at Nelson Bay

The timetable for July 2019 with Rejuvenation Yoga Sessions with Maree:

Monday 8.45am & 6pm

Tuesday 8.45am & 4.45pm

Thursday 6.15am & 8.45am

There are spaces for new and returning Yogis. Please make sure you book.


July Challenge for Yogis Daily Back Sequence

For Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga, Yogis new or practicing, the 6 minute sequence below is for you to do at some point in your morning. This is ideal prior to getting out of bed.

Take the challenge of self nurture and great spinal health.

These 4 simple exercises are a great way to prepare your spine for each day ahead.

Daily Foundations

EMR Talk

Due to the cold winter evenings, the next EMR talk will be a live stream to Facebook.

Join our Group: World Awareness about Human Made Radiation Protection (WAhRP) This goes beyond local awareness, it is a worldwide issue.

Join Group

The irony of holding this talk online, does not go past me. It is just a better way to reach more people in the comfort of their own home.

As long as you’re part of our group, you will be able to access all the information and discussions at your own convenience. If you have specific questions that you would like covered privately, please personal message or email mfree112@gmail.com.

Winter Wisdom


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