Nelson Bay Chiropractor – Health News August 2019

Nelson Bay Chiropractor Dr Kevin and Gentle Yoga and Body Work Healing with Maree welcome you to August Health Discussion 2019.

In this edition:

  • ChiropracticHealth News
  • Update from Chiropractor Kevin Schwager
  • Port Stephens Chiropractic & Yoga Centre Update
  • Yoga News with Maree

Nelson Bay Chiropractor Dr Kevin Schwager and Rejuvenation Mentor Maree Frawley welcome you to Health Awareness in the Port Stephens Community and further afield for August 2019.

Chiropractic Health News August 2019

World Breast Feeding Week was the first week of August. Reflecting on the themes of this always reminds me of our own personal journey and our obvious gratitude to the amazing midwives who supported our journey of working out how to feed the twins. Our time in NICU and the blessings of the wisdom and healing energy of our midwives was one of the biggest gifts in my journey as a mother. The other would be my blessing of having Kevin as my love and as a Chiropractor.

The link below is an example of how Case Study Work through the Australian Spinal Research Foundation has documented the potential improvements in feeding position for babies and mothers comfort for the feeding process. The ability of the twins to turn their heads easier was critical for their breastfeeding success. The support and Chiropractic care for me during this time were fundamental to our 14 month breast feeding journey.

Chiropractic and the Breastfeeding Baby: New case report explores cranial dysfunction link

Please be assured this information is not about the decision or action of breastfeeding or the many issues that can impede breastfeeding.

Most importantly it is about making sure that if people in our community need our support, that they know they can turn to us at Port Stephens Chiropractic.

The journey of pregnancy, birth and the months after are so individual and they can be filled with the polarities of trauma and joy depending on the experiences and pathways.

If you would like to have a conversation about potential Chiropractic Care, please phone and have a chat.

Nelson Bay Chiropractor Dr Kevin Schwager

It has been great seeing you all over the last month.

It has been such a joy supporting the families coming through the Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga.

Reconnecting with you all is inspiring and a true joy. One of the greatest aspects of Chiropractic Care is seeing individuals and families thrive and support each other in their sport, lifestyle and connection as a family.

If you have family members who are still yet to come in for a Complimentary Spinal Assessment, talk with Lisa about how they can become involved in Chiropractic Care. It is our greatest pleasure to support you with you having the vitality you need to live the life you desire.

If it has been awhile since you have come in to the Practice, please know that the door is always open for your return. Sometimes to support other Practitioners or modalities and enhance the overall effectiveness for your specific goals and recovery needs.

Working with other Practitioners and part of Health Plans is part of the Chiropractic Pathway and foundation of our Practice.

Over the next month ongoing study areas will include numerous topics of Neuromuscular Skeletal Research, Sporting Injuries Research, Mindset and Nervous System Function alongside specific groups needs and current research and updated evidence based techniques for these groups.

As always, it will be a fulfilling and amazing month.

Looking forward to seeing you – Kevin


General Practice News for Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga

We hope you enjoy the new additions to Reception.

Some complimentary Herbal Tea, just check in with Lisa and Maree, and a range of snacks available for purchase. The snacks have vegan options, non-GMO and meet requirements specifically to the various needs identified with the various nutritional programs that you are following.

We hope you enjoy.

We will be expanding our range of YaMate and for the energetic, healing Practitioners there are some specific goodies and products worth your perusal.

Foot Detox Patches are back in stock, ear candles, cell food, palo santo sticks and incense amongst many more expanding lines.

The Boody Bamboo clothing range will expand dramatically over the next 2 weeks. We hope you enjoy. Remember natural fibers reduce our overall conductivity with EMR as well as reduce our chemical exposure via reducing synthetic fabrics and chemicals. Low tox living should be a fundamental for supporting everyday living.

The journey of our travels expanded our awareness of amazing health products available.

Certainly our water filter was fundamental for our ease of having great quality water available. The Waters Co Jug is available at Reception. We have taken our jug of this brand, not only around Australia, but also on our very short International stints.  The quality of water we have enjoyed and stability in health was also a bonus.

Essential Oils….. Well after having a trial of various companies. The 2 key MLM companies and others, you may want to have a read of the article that I produced with reviewing their products. All companies have their highlights, some companies have a lot more depth of high quality products. Congratulations to the many of you who have got into your Aromatherapy study and for keeping an open mind in discovering the big wide market of quality products available.

If you ever want to chat about essential oils, Lisa has an amazing knowledge with oils as well as Young Living, and I am happy to talk with you if I am on Reception or after our Yoga Sessions together. Messenger is another easy way to make contact if that helps as well.

If you have time to do us a huge favour and like our Facebook Page. It not only keeps us connected and communicating, but also helps people find us with the more likes we have. Feel welcome and encouraged to follow this link and like our page.Facebook: Port Stephens Chiro and Yoga

Yoga News with Maree

Current Yoga Sessions with Maree Frawley for August 2019

Monday 8.45am & 6pm

Tuesday 8.45am & 4.45pm

Thursday 6.15am & 8.45am

One of my favourite pictures about Yoga….

The cold weather is still around and can make it difficult at times to get out and about. If you have not already arranged for your access to the online home classes, make contact so you can have this access.

ALSO ….. The second round of tie dye shirts will be ready to hand out next week. The kids hope you love how yours turns out. Any donation would be greatly appreciated by them for their ongoing craft projects.

If you decide you do want a shirt done, we might do another round in October 2019. Katea and Kaiyu are grateful to have had the opportunity of mass production 😊 Below are some from the very first round.

Thoughts of Wisdom…..


Wishing you a wonderful August 2019.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Kevin and Maree 😊💜😊