The Calm Road to Sleep

More than ever, the quality of sleep is a major health priority when it comes to reducing inflammation, recovering from health challenges and improving the quality of life in day to day living.

Challenges such as narcolepsy and sleep apnea have their own considerations. Then insomnia, interrupted sleep from pain, digital devices, parenthood, anxieties, stress and many other contributing factors lead us to this workshop of calming everything down to achieve quality rest.

Understanding what happens physically and neurologically with insomnia and anxiety is extremely empowering with creating empowering lifestyle changes to support brain function, calming anxiety and improving sleep quality.

When we are in cycles of challenging sleep patterns, let’s look at the best techniques to support optimal brain function throughout day to day living, how to maintain physical and emotional health and how to interrupt the cycle.

Great rest…. essential for health

Beyond all the essential sleep specialists and then all the information overload… your body wants and needs rest, so let’s get you there with the science and quantum metaphysical aspects.

2 hour workshop $50 can be via zoom 28th March 2023

Please text me 0428 438315 to arrange booking 🙏 or email