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Essential Oils

Written by Maree Frawley: Rejuvenation Mentor, Author and Advocate for Inspired Living

Essential Oils have accelerated in their popularity in the last decade. Like many different therapies that have been used over many periods of history they have their place historically and they have a place in today’s world as well.

Reconnecting with essential oils about 10 years ago was wonderful. I had previously had essential oils in my life during my twenties, but moved away from them. My move away from essential oils was simply – forgetting the value they had added to my life. I also acknowledge the loss of the sacred and spiritual energy of my life during that time.

Essential Oils ~ Young Living Essential Oils, Do Terra essential oils and many other 100% pure boutique brands

“Essential Oils of all great quality brands enhance our personal and professional environments” ~ Maree

Essential oils play a major role in our household with aromatherapy, health practices, synthetic chemical free-living and the creation of sacred space in our work/home spaces.

I am so grateful for the many products that enhance our vitality, self care regimes and cleaning products.

The benefits of essential oils are vast. For me my journey back into using energy and space clearing techniques as well as essential oils was due to my study and immersion into vibrational medicine, metaphysical transformation as well as the support for enhancing and calming hind brain and adrenal overload.

The marketing machine of essential oil companies has been “awesome” with exposing the masses of people to a great modality that actually enhances health. Love or hate the companies, I am so grateful for the platform of awareness that they have achieved.

Safety First

I am not aligned to one single brand, but quality and purity is of utmost importance. Essential Oils under the umbrella of Aromatherapy are volatile aromatic compounds and great care needs to be taken with their usage.

There are numerous marketing terms that can be confusing when first moving into essential oils and this confusion can hinder conversations. There are scents, oils infused with elements of essential oils amongst other terminology and then there is the 100% pure essential oils.

The discussion of Therapeutic Grade in itself is a hot topic. There is discussion that essential oil companies have made this specific category and that there are no such thing. Yet, the category is now recognised, so things are changing. Some boutique companies will not pay for testing or gain entry into this category but will pay for organic certification. Like anything, be aware, ask great questions, do your own research and trust your intuition.

Caution needs to be executed as some oils are light sensitive Lemon, Lime, Basil are just a few….meaning do not go in the sun after having them on your skin.

Skin sensitivity means you have a sensitivity to the oil, so please do not use. Always dilute and do a small patch test.

The debate over the ingestion of the quality of oils is going to be around for awhile. Some oils are marketed to be ingested. Remember essential oils are potent and should be used under supervision of a qualified health practitioner. Research from numerous quality resources and make informed decisions. One blog article is not absolute! Please …. please do your research!

Use carrier oils such as fractionated coconut oil when oils are near skins, although there are many options a personal favourite of mine is certainly apricot kernal oil as a carrier oil. Let personal preference guide you. If in doubt talk to more experienced essential oil users and feel welcome to email me with any questions 😊

Pregnant women, children and pets have specific needs that essential oil exposure can irritate, influence and cause danger. This in itself demonstrates the effect that essential oils can have. Some oils are known as emmenagogue can bring on cycles. These remedies and compounds are powerful and deserve respect, awareness and knowledge.

Smaller amounts and less is more….

If you have a skin reaction …..dilute with a carrier oil. Water will generally not take away irritation and sometimes increase irritation. So if you do have a reaction a coconut oil on the area may take away the sensation. Seek medical advice and use essential oils with knowledge and under direction.

Keep essential oils away from: eyes, ears, children, pets and plastic containers

Understand life span and storage. Heat Light moisture Oxidisation

Our Journey Together – Essential Oils, Daily Ritual and Open Heart Appreciation

Each week I will have a focus on a favourite ritual practice, space clearing ritual, essential oil or product from our various suppliers.

Although there are strong view points across brands, I enjoy utilising a wide variety of brands. My focus in choosing suppliers for my personal and professional usage is based on quality, ethics and sustainability. Although some companies have a multi level marketing component, I agree that many of their products are absolutely brilliant. The same premium quality and ethics can also found in the beautiful organic Australian distilleries that we have found in our sourcing of premium health care products for you. The benefit of the major companies is that when you sign up you receive wholesale prices on guaranteed, quality tested oils and numerous other benefits depending on the company.

As we go on this journey together, please post any questions you may have in the comments section or email me privately.

I had the great opportunity of discovering Young Living Essential Oils through a dear friend and was able to discover their products without initially signing up. When I did sign up for wholesale prices, I enjoyed the gradual expansion of my resources and the numerous product lines. We will go over many of these products in future weeks.

If you are interested in enrolling with Young Living for wholesale discounts please follow this link for more information: For more information about products and the Young Living promise of quality, it truly is a great vision of quality and anthropological giving. The premium starter kits are an awesome way to start off. I have highlighted specific starter packs for chemical free living and for those simply commencing their journey of premium essential oils.

After hearing so much debate between the Young Living and DoTerra brands, I decided to buy some DoTerra products. Their packaging is beautiful and some of their sports product creams are in my experienced opinion of managing daily pain – brilliant! With my pain management of nearly 23 years, when I find something that can assist reducing the sensations on bad days, I get very happy! In time we will review these products as well.

In our journey of reconnecting to the world of energetic and vibrational health, I ask you to understand that each modality has its’ place and that the mantra of “do no harm”, must reign supreme. Any substance at some threshold will be toxic to our body and essential oils, space clearing rituals can potentially have a negative effect and be absolutely dangerous for your bio-indivduality.

The cautions associated with specific essential oils and their usage, need to be noted and adhered to especially when it comes to children, pregnancy and pets. Aromatherapy is a training certification and I encourage you to seek professional support. Whether it be through these pages or otherwise, please navigate your path gently.

Any information in these pages, does not replace medical advice. Please seek medical advice for your health concerns and implement their advice.

If you’re interested to learn more, I’m holding the following sessions and registration details can be found using the links:

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