Yoga and Rejuvenation with Maree Frawley

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Yoga Nelson Bay with Maree

Helping your transformation with your physical and emotional stresses.

Balance yourself and prepare for exceptional everyday living.

Current Session Times March 2021

Tuesday 9am & 4.30pm

Thursday 6.15am & 10.45am (10.45am not on 1st Thurs month)

Rejuvenation Yoga at Corlette Hall, Nelson Bay with Maree is gentle and caters to your personal physical and emotional limitations. Maree’s understanding of the mechanics of your body and her amazing intuitive ability to help you feel safe and nurtured is a great reason to come to these sessions.

The class is a fusion of techniques and Maree’s 25 plus years of working with bio-mechanics in sports as well as her teaching of Yoga, Qigong, Pilates, Coaching and mindful living.

A Sea of Relaxation in Yoga at Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga with Maree

The session combines core strength, mobility, activation, range of motion, stability, breathing & relaxation. This class is designed for people who are struggling with specific injuries, health challenges or who need specific emotional support. The beautiful dynamics of the environment and wise open minded energy of the room are very nurturing and supportive.

This is a gentle style of Yoga focusing on the creation of physical chemistry and energetic rebalancing that supports your rejuvenation. 

 Rejuvenation Yoga Session Times: Enquire via SMS 0428 438 315 or call 49811664

How to Enhance your comfort…..

  • Please bring your yoga mat, blankets and supports.
  • Please bring some water.
  • Wear comfortable clothing – not too loose as it will annoy you
  • Wear layers of clothing so you can comfortably take a few layers off & then keep warm
  • Generally the class is bare foot – but it is a good idea to wear socks with the cooler weather. The weather can be warm in the winter, so please wear layers of clothing. 


Classes are $20 0r 5 sessions are $95 to be used with a 6 month period.

Coming to Rejuvenation Yoga exposes you to a beautiful community in the room and the support of home practice with an extensive library of Yoga and Meditation to practice at home. *Conditions Apply

Maree can host individual health mapping sessions, for further information