Adding Space Clearing Rituals Into Your Everyday Living

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The following article addresses:

  • Energy and Space Clearing for Vitality with Maree Class 101
  • A return to the basics
  • Activities and Exercises for clearing
  • Energy Clearing
  • Energy Protection
  • Energy Enhancement

Energy and Space Clearing for Vitality with Maree Class 101

For any one who is new to this concept, please open your heart to the idea that as an energetic vibration, our health benefits from maintaining our overall harmonic resonance, this is part of our homeostasis.

Homeostasis is our body in balanced optimal health.

Let’s say for example that you do not enjoy extreme heavy metal music and you do love and enjoy the sounds of acoustic songs. If you had the heavy metal music playing instead of your favourite acoustic song, then your biology may begin to feel uncomfortable. Your physiology will desire change in your environment.

When we consider the energy and vibrations that are in your environment, the more the environment and sensations support your health and well-being the more balanced you will be.

Our perceptions are reality…. this includes our environment! Smells, sounds, feelings and thoughts.

A return to the basics

The resurgence of aromatherapy, sound therapy, crystal therapy and many other modalities is not purely because of the exposure on the internet and our global communication, although it does help the exposure.

These therapies have been around for a long time with their history celebrated by royals and churches, let alone the wise energy healers in the communities. From the sacred oils of Frankincense and Myrrh, Palo Santo, Sage, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus and many other timeless cultural and indigenous practices, we are now at a beautiful celebration of appreciating and valuing these practices. Although research is slowly catching up to the intuitive knowing of these practices, there is great beauty in the rituals and their harmony across belief systems, culture and religion.

Beauty through Appreciation and Awareness…

I found beauty in the study of understanding the vibrational integration of our soul into this manifestation of life and balancing out our harmonic vibrations. Although this concept is somewhat abstract and needing contemplation, the research and case studies to support the modality of vibrational health in this area are wonderful.

In our travels and life on our farm, I have experienced daily, weekly energy clearing and many Australian welcome to country ceremonies.

I appreciate the essential connection to our Mother Earth and the sacred awareness of our ancestry, and our responsibility for our future generations with evolving and improving our world culture and energetic awareness.

I also acknowledge the era of science we are in. My university study has been a journey of research through to completing my Masters Degree. Be aware the movement of condemning pseudo science! It is a movement that makes sense…. until the concepts categorised in these areas become mainstream knowledge and accepted as peer reviewed studies of knowledge banks. Given time and resources many hypothesis can be formulated to yield the desired result. The evolution of many advancements came through the “hunch” and the “intuition”, always value your personal intuition.

Examples of this evolution of once a hunch then transparently uncovered can be seen in the following examples.

  • The ethereal palette of the “3rd eye” in energetic terms now known as the executive function in basic neuroscience amongst other reference names.
  • Meridian and nadi lines have been traced in thermo imaging.
  • Aura as an energetic awareness can be photographed and mapped with health and illness.
  • Neuro-plasticity as permanent and now there is healing of once permanent damage.
  • The understanding of  the limbic system which indigenous healers completely support in their foundation work and assessment.

For the lovers, the wise, the open-minded, continue to do your amazing work and clear your energy and live your magnificence.

Our job is to support the alignment of our eternal infinite soul with our spirit and current manifestation of life.

You can live the life you desire.

Potential Energetic Exercise – Clearing Your Energy

There are many different techniques for clearing your space and clearing energy. If you already have techniques that are successful and used regularly then continue with those.

Practice your rituals daily and with open heart intention. Recording of Daily Intention Setting Technique available on request. Please contact us at

If you are open to expanding your techniques, have a read of the following information and then work out whether any of these will assist or expand your techniques.

Clearing energy is extremely important and clearing your personal field is imperative for you to be able to manifest the energy and feelings that you desire.

We pick up energy….. everywhere!

Sometimes the energy enhances you and sometimes it drains you.

Sometimes it is for your highest good and sometimes it is simply meant to move through you and leave your body and field.

Intention Setting does assist the energy you attract, and clearing space goes hand in hand with daily intention setting.

Space Clearing Physical

Take time to clear your physical space through cleaning and decluttering.

There are numerous decluttering processes available in the world out there. Above all create sacred space and hold energy for yourself to feel clarity, rejuvenation and flowing energy.

Energy is powerful when it is flowing and strong. We want to remove blockages and voids and ensure that your space is healthy and flowing.

Although all spaces are important with energy, it is important to create a sacred space for your sleeping and regeneration.

Start with your bedroom and clear the space physically.

Remove objects, energies and contaminants that maybe harming your energy.

Examples of this include: Dust; items from unhealthy / historical relationships; mould; old items that are cluttering without meaning; rubbish; broken items; technology.

Create a space for healing and rejuvenation.

Space Clearing – Energetic

Throughout indigenous practices there are space clearing rituals.

Music and smoke clearing rituals are the most common and very easy to introduce into your space.


Choose harmonious music and play in your home. You could sing or use crystal singing bowls.

Find sounds that are meaningful and inspiring for you.

Sound as a vibration changes and clears the space that it moves through. There are many pathways of bringing specific sounds, vibrations and tones. Start simple and raise the vibration of your space. (When inflamed avoid the constant EMR via streaming music over WiFi, maybe get back to CD’s or music that is downloaded onto devices).

Smoke Ceremony

This needs to be conducive and safe for your environment. The simplest technique is introducing essential oils such as sandalwood, sage, eucalyptus or specific space clearing remedies. These oils in diffusers are a simple way forward in clearing space. Essential oils work on a vibrational plane and assist to raise vibration. Smell is linked to our hind brain and can calm the overactive fight or flight response.

The enhancement of olfactory sense can improve memory and assist in the management of anxieties. Choose oils and vibrations that suit you. Consider allergies, intolerance and take note of contraindications to not only ensure your physical safety, but to enhance your energetic being. Please email for further information specific to essential oils.

Using Sage sticks or sticks of Sandalwood Palo Santo  (is my favourite) or incense are great options if you find them easy and safe.

In our family, hello to country, we will often do a welcome smoking ceremony with fire and then eucalyptus leaves creating smoke, however this is obviously not practical in suburbia and during fire ban seasons. Keep this process simple and find an option that is inspiring and inviting for you to practice regularly.

Crystals and Essential Oils

As already mentioned essential oils are a terrific way of raising vibration of people and space as well as clearing energy. Crystals are also a great way of enhancing your space with protection and energy enhancing. These two topics deserve their own specific in-depth discussion.

Initially, it is as simple as, if you are drawn to a crystal or scent, bring it into your field to enhance, clear or protect.

This process will always be more profound if you have clear intentions before choosing crystals or essential oils. Email for further information or any specific questions related to crystals.

Energy Clearing Physical

Your physical body will have energetic leaks and leaches. This is due to the dynamics of metaphysics and quantum energy. The world in which we live and our metaphysical interactions should be monitored and wherever possible, mindfully balanced. When we are out of balance our energy voids get filled with other people’s energy and our energy when unbalanced fills the voids of energy in other people. Therefore, often a great deal of energy in our field is not ours to hold onto. It is only through awareness and mindfulness that we can shift this energy and return to our core, authentic, energetic self. When we are balanced with our core energy, we can then strengthen, ignite and expand our energy further.

It is so important to practice techniques that protect, clear then enhance your energy. There is no point protecting and clearing if you do not charge up your energy. The following techniques provide options for you to add to your own current techniques or to experiment with in creating your own practices.

Energy Protecting Techniques

Energetic Rain Coat

Take time at the beginning of the day before you go into public spaces to imagine an energetic rain coat protecting you from energy that should stay out of your field and only allowing energy in that is for your highest good.

You may actually anchor this technique with a physical item such as a scarf, jacket, crystal, jewellery, that you do physically put on before going into a physical space and take off when you are home.

(When I worked in a really difficult work environment, I would put the last piece of my work uniform on as I hopped out of the car and walked into the office. I would take that item off as I hopped into the car at the end of the day.)

Energetic Bubble

Imagine yourself in an amazing protective energetic bubble that only allows energy in that is for your highest good. Do this of a morning in conjunction with your daily intention setting ritual.

Crystals / Jewellery / Amulets

Like all vibrational elements, crystals have the ability to amplify, protect and clear. Generally, the darker stones are more protective such as obsidian, snowflake obsidian, tourmaline amongst others. These can be tucked into your bra, pocket or bag or worn as visible jewellery.

In your home and work space it is great to have some snowflake obsidian to protect your sacred space and only allow energy that is for your highest good (this includes people as well 😊)

Energy Clearing Techniques

Cutting Energetic Chords

There are many variations of this technique. Gently imagine yourself way up in the stars of the universe and imagine that all your connections with other people and the chords of energy that have been created are gently being cut. The chords that are part of your soul group and for your highest energy will grow back healthier and stronger. The chords that need to be released and transformed will dissolve into the universe. This is great to practice monthly or maybe more regularly if you are dealing with lots of people. If you are experiencing challenges that you are aware are not yours to have, do this exercise and get back to your core energetic self, clear balanced in a state of love and appreciation. For a recording of this technique please email

Energy Transformation – Alchemy Practice

This used to be a personal favourite of mine that I practiced during my Yoga meditation. Imagine two points of white light. One a meter above your head, the other a meter below your feet. As you breathe in, imagine breathing white light in from below your feet, up through every cell of your body. Through your legs, torso, arms, neck and out through the top of your head. As you breathe out bring the white light back down through your body. As the light moves down through your body, imagine tension, toxins, belief systems, interactions and behaviours that have served their purpose, but are no longer needed being pushed down and released out through your feet. As you breathe in fill the spaces you create with the beautiful clearing white light moving it out through the top of your head. As you exhale, gently release and again move tension, toxins, belief systems, behaviours and situations down to your feet and release out through your feet. Repeat 3-5 times or as many breaths as needed. This can be a daily technique. For a recording of this technique please email inspired


Outside in morning sunshine, if you are able to, have your bare feet on the ground, imagine an infinite stream of a tree root system from the middle of the Earth moving into your lower back, grounding and connecting you to the infinite and unconditional loving energy of Mother Earth. This exercise can be done daily.

Energy Energising Techniques


Crystals can also be used to amplify energy. Take some time to read and go to crystal shops and tune into what appeals to you visually and on an intuitive level. Crystal books and information on the internet can assist you to understand the benefits of certain crystals. Combine the benefits with what you are drawn towards and known benefits and create a pathway for enhancing your energy.

Essential Oils

There are certain remedies that can enhance your energy. Take into mind your own constitution, preferences, allergies, intolerances and any contraindications. Peppermint amongst other essential oils can enhance energy. Take time to educate yourself and work out what is best for you. There are many pathways with essential oils, attempt to obtain pure essential oils and work within a budget and scheme that works with you.


Music, sounds and tones that are energising for you. Drumming may be appropriate for one person and not another. Work out what tones lift your spirits and enhance your wellbeing. There are so many options here; didgeridoo; chanting; singing bowls; favourite songs; singing; playing music amongst more.


Oxygenate your body through movement that is harmonious to your spirit. Walking on the beach, swimming, dancing…. Work out what lifts your spirits and allows your energy to lift in vibration.

Prophecy Cards / Affirmation Cards

Taking time to connect to your intuition can enhance your energy and vibration. There are many pathways with this including tarot, angel, oracle cards. Remember to create a pure open-heart intention prior to any of these activities to enhance a pure vibrational gain.


Being in nature and around pure energy is a great way to enhance your vibration and shift drains and synthetic leaches that come into our energy field. Having some time near a tree, flowers, the beach, special rocks, mountains or places of significance for you are imperative for enhancing your vibration and grounding out the radiation that we are exposed to.

An important conversation…..

Often in our pursuit of healing we turn to others to support our energy, transformation and healing.

This is an excellent pathway if the people you are turning to are grounded, balanced and in a good energetic space themselves.

Sometimes in the world of psychics and intuitive healers, they are connected to the chaos of the world’s struggling energetic matrix. They may believe they are doing the healing and transformation instead of the message or energy moving into them and through them from a higher source.

Walk this pathway lightly and with awareness.

Make sure you trust your intuition and be aware of the energetic seeds that can be planted in your field. A psychic energy is often referred to as the neophyte – the student. An energy of sometimes resistant learning.

Soulful healers, the masters connected to an infinite stream of universal energy and are often difficult to find. They come with divine timing and when you are balanced to transform and self-heal, you will get a referral or they will show up in your life. An example would be this program coming into your life.

We are not to judge the actions of others, but support the healing of the world through the ongoing healing of ourselves. Assist people to grow without forcing your development on others.

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