Palo Santo

Clear Your Energy and Space Clearing with Palo Santo Ritual

Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) means “Holy Wood” in Spanish or literal transition (Saint Stick)  . These sticks are gathered sustainably from the forest floors of Peru, South America.

Palo Santo has an exquisite aroma with tones of mint, lemon and pine.

Palo Santo sticks

These aromatic sticks can be used in techniques of space and energy clearing. For my palate, the aroma is more pleasant than sage and (if you are tolerant to smoke).

How to use: Ignite your Palo Santo stick and let the stick burn for 30-60 seconds and then blow the flame out. The smoke will continue for a couple of minutes where you can walk through rooms to spread the aroma. Another option is to sit in the stillness of the aroma.

When you are finished, place your stick in a fireproof bowl. The glow will end on its own, unless you continue to blow onto the ignited end to produce more smoke. Ensure the Palo Santo stick is completely extinguished prior to leaving unattended. The same stick is then used again and again until it is too small to do so.

If you are not tolerant to smoke, remember to use space clearing essential oils in a diffuser in preference to smoke producing techniques such as palo santo, sage, incense or incense cones. .


Palo Santo sticks available at Reception Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga 2 sticks for $5


History and further Research

Palo Santo oil was used during the time of the Incas for its’ potential spiritual purifying properties. The Palo Santo wood has been used by Shamans in indigenous ritual, ceremony, healing and medicine in South America.

Sample pack of Palo Santo sticks for clearing your space and energy field

The Research with Palo Santo is incredible. Cancer fighting compounds have been identified in ways that reduce oxidative stress and protect cells. (Citrus and Frankincense are included in this awesome group). The phytochemical structure can potentially stop disease formation within digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous system. Another component limonene also found in citrus peels have been well researched with anticancer and anti-inflammatory effects.

At the University of Shizuoka School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Japan identified some key phytochemicals in palo santo oil that are capable of fighting cancerous mutation. 4 aryltetralin-type lignans called burseranin and isolated triterpenes taken from the stems of the Palo Santo tree. Testing found inhibitory activity against human cancer and fibrosarcoma cells.

It is essential to have pure oil and have confidence that the correct parts of the plant are used in the essential oil. Essential Oil safety should always be adhered to. This includes usage of a carrier oil, keeping oil away from eyes, mucous membranes, children and pets.

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Palo Santo sticks are available at Reception of Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga. The sticks are sustainable gathered from the fallen trees in Peru.

Introductory Offer of 2 sticks for $5