Rejuvenation Health Mapping Sessions with Maree Frawley

Map your health recovery with Maree

Studying across so many disciplines assists Maree to have an overall picture of a strategy for your health recovery. Working with Allied Health and your current pathways, Maree looks at where you are at, what you have tried historically and what you can do specifically for your health goals. This encompasses musculoskeletal, hormones, nervous system, mind set, metaphysical, emotional, nutritional, exercise prescription, core strengthening, mobility, superfoods and other modalities as required.

Understanding that our overall health works in spheres of harmony rather than a linear progression, helps Maree with her mentoring to help you do the transformational work in the most efficient way for you.

Health Coaching is an encompassing technique that looks at how you have got to the health destination you are at and formulating a plan to navigate you towards your health goals.

Working with allied health where appropriate, your individual needs, energetic story and your future story all become a part of this beautiful process of Health Mapping and Navigation.

Understanding your bio-indivduality is imperative for your vitality and Maree excels not only with the science and her empowerment and education you will experience with her, but with her intuition in assiting you towards your physical, emotional and soulful health.

Sessions and content will vary in length depending on needs, packages are from $350.

This is a beautiful, joyous and soulful approach to reclaiming your energy, vitality and spark for living your inspired vitality. You’re health is our first priority so if you need flexibility around the timing of your appointment then just email


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