Yoga, Qigong, Health Workshops Term 4 2022

Released 15th September 2022

Maree Frawley โ€“ 0428 438315

A huge welcome goes to new Yogi / Qigong friends at Corlette Hall and at The Wellness Path. Reconnecting with some of you after such a huge break has been awesome and for those of you who have been consistently in the classesโ€ฆ. My gratitude and thanks go to you all! ๐Ÿ™

We have covered so much throughout the year and it has been amazing hearing of your stories and adventures. How could I not say anything else butโ€ฆ Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

How blessed I am to have this incredible journey with you! I look forward to this wonderful term together and the preparation for another exceptional year!

Awesome and Exciting Events for Term 4: Key Dates ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • A beautiful full day retreat experience at The Wellness Path Day Spa. October 12th for 8 blessed women. Spend a morning with me and the afternoon with some incredible facilitators and therapists. See Below for more details. Please note the early bird price and date.
  • Round 2: Inflammation Coaching Workshop commencing 18th October. 5-week program for maximum 8 participants. Details below. Intake now open โ€“ text ASAP if you want to participate, zoom attendance available.
  • EMR Workshop Tuesday 18th October 6pm – 8pm. This workshop will empower great health processes and strategies to implement in your home and office to peel away the layers of health burden that EMR can contribute to. A deeper understanding of the biological chemistry created by EMR and how small simple changes can make a huge difference to your sleep and total load.
  • Yogi / Qigong End of year gathering: Tuesday 22nd November Corlette Hall 12pm. There will be a coffee cart to order from and if we can all bring a plate, it will be a beautiful and social way to celebrate our year as a Yoga Community…. some beautiful musical entertainment has already been booked ๐Ÿ˜Š. If anyone has a moment to help me with this… I would really appreciate!
  • Term 3 classes end Thursday 15th September. Wellness Path Day Spa Term 3 ends 8th September.
  • Term 4 commences Tuesday 4th October and year break Thursday 15th December 2022.
  • Term 1 2023 date to be confirmed โ€“ let me know if you are around if you want some January classes๐Ÿ˜Š
  • Calendar of term 4 dates is at the bottom of this newsletter. Events and dates may be subject to change.

Term 4 2022 Yoga and Qigong Timetable Nelson Bay

9am Therapeutic Yoga
Corlette Hall
9am Therapeutic Yoga / Qigong
Wellness Path Day Spa
4.30pm Therapeutic Yoga
Corlette Hall
10.45am Therapeutic Yoga / Qigong
Corlette Hall
Yoga Timetable with Maree @ Corlette Hall and Wellness Path Nelson Bay

Who can believe that the whole beautiful season of family gatherings and celebrations will be only moments away when term 4 concludesโ€ฆ.! For some of you this means some extra meditation and relaxation now ๐Ÿ˜Š

Although we are not at the end of the year yetโ€ฆ. I am so grateful for the incredible journey we are sharing. The highs, the lessons, the recoveries and the advancements. Thank you for the gift of sharing your adventure with me!

Some highlights from Term 3 Include:

The Inflammation Coaching Program of Term 3 was an incredible experience for those who attended. Term 4 will see the repeat of the 5-week intensive program to mentor a deeper understanding of inflammation and bio-individuality. To learn more click here

The retreat days during Term 3, held at The Wellness Path, have been a great opportunity to have a day of nurture, self care and wonderful company with facilitators and fellow participants. The day experience that includes sessions such as qigong, yoga, meditation, women’s circle, masssage treatment, lunch and healing experiences, including sound healing, have been well received by all who attend.

(I am honoured to provide the morning sessions at the full day retreat October 12th at The Wellness Path Day Spa details below. From previous retreat days, I can guarantee that you will feel incredible as you float away from the day, with thoughts and solutions for your health goals. If you would like to attend just the Inflammation Workshop available on that day, I can arrange this for you, see below for more information.)

So…… from the survellance cameras at shops and my own personal observations ๐Ÿ˜‚…. there has definitely been an improvement with posture at the shops. No visible reports of Yogis leaning on shopping trolleys and apparently more bottom cheek activation … well done! ๐Ÿ˜‰

One of the most gorgeous moments with Yoga at The Wellness Path was a drop in visitor with a gorgeous furry friend who did all poses very naturally and excelled in meditation ๐Ÿ’œ.

Yoga at Wellness Path Nelson Bay

Our recent attendance at a medical seminar on inflammation, both chronic and acute provided so much hope with amazing quality assured herbal (plant based) products that assist the management and recovery from the inflammation challenge that impacts so many people. Kevin and myself look forward to finishing our personal trial with the products and then our potential recommendations of these supplements that have an incredible clinical track record. Just one incredible bonus is their ability to work with pharmaceutical medications. There is a lot to go over, so stay tuned ๐Ÿ˜Š

Interviews and my books seemed to also be a part of August 2022 Term 3. Although only a couple of years old, our book – International Best Selling – Elevate Your Health became a focal point again. For anyone who is after a copy, just let me know. Recommended retail is $35, Yoga community price $25 cash. The book is full of hints and tips to inspire health and well being.

Internationally Best Selling Elevate Your Health Maree Frawley

Againโ€ฆ. I truly welcome and appreciate your referrals! Trusting me with caring for your friends and families is a gift I cherish!

Online Classes and Community:

Online classes are available. This can be accessed on Facebook as well as directly through the webpage membership area. There is a monthly fee for the online community. For those Yogis who will be doing face to face sessions as well as online, there is a monthly membership that includes both. This is a great way to have guidance in your home practice. The online classes cover core strength, Yoga, Pilates, knee rehabilitation, hip rehabilitation, meditations, long and short sessions all in the convenience of your own home or especially convenient if you are travelling and want to maintain your practice.

Thursday 10.45am Therapeutic Yoga, Qigong, Meditation Session

Please note the slight change to this session. Qigong (flowing breath work), therapeutic yoga and meditation. From your feedback and encouragement, we will trial this hybrid class to get the breath work and strength gains of Qigong, the mobility and flexibility of the Yoga and then an opportunity to deepen your relaxation / meditation / self-healing processes. Qigong is a flow of Tai Chi and incorporates the cranial, sacral techniques for great health. The movements are gentle and can be completed in a chair for anyone not as mobile.

Just a thought…. If you know of a person who would like to do the half hour qigong and may need to do so in a chair… they are welcome to come to this session. There is a possibility that they could just do the Qigong or I can modify the entire program for those who need to use a chair for yoga and the meditation as well. – I am really aware of the concern people have with getting up and down off the floor. This may be a way of getting them into the room and community, then on their journey of mobility.

Yoga options for you

Here is a little more detail about the full day retreat at The Wellness Path coming up on Wednesday 12th October 2022.

๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ Full Day Retreat Wednesday 12th October ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ

Wellness Path Day Spa

This will be the most beautiful day for 8 women to experience the journey of healing, nurturing and self-awareness in an incredible space, with wonderful facilitators. 9.30-11 Qigong/ Yoga/ Meditation Morning Tea. 11.15-1.15pm All Things Inflammation Workshop & Healing Process. 1.15pm A delicious soulful lunch. 2-4pm Detox workshop / massage (group is divided at this time). 4pm Sound Healing Meditation. (I have been invited to facilitate the first half of the day and then awesome facilitators and massage therapists will guide you during the afternoon). 9.30am โ€“ 5pm The day includes morning tea, lunch, all sessions, including massage for $295. Early Bird by 1st October is $275. Bookings directly through the Wellness Path. Feel welcome to ask me any questions about this as well ๐Ÿ˜Š

If you are interested in just the โ€œAll Things Inflammation Workshop and Self-Healing Processโ€ during the retreat day and unable to make the full day โ€“ arrangement can be made for you to attend the 2-hour workshop for $50. (This is available to the yoga community). Talk or text me about this ASAP.

๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ All Things Inflammation ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ

5 Week Group & Individual Program – Commencing Tuesday 18th October. Zoom Attendance available

Amongst all the barrage of information overload, our bio-individuality (physically and emotionally) governs how we will respond with the many and varied protocols and pathways that are offered with calming chronic and acute inflammation in our body. Inflammation impacts us individually and with common patterns. From spontaneous pain in our Achilles, back, hips or any joint; blood sugar; thyroid; digestion; auto-immune; sinus; liver; gall bladder; rashes; abhorrent cells (cancer) and the many more ways the body presents with inflammation โ€“ at the core of all of this is your individual journey. Your story and your health vision are the epicentre that radiates out into the world.

The reality is that once your inflammation markers are elevated and inflammation patterns settle in, a gentle calming process specific to your health, needs to harmoniously work with your personal triggers of inflammation. Sometimes the smallest change elevates stress which then increases the inflammation cycle further. That is why the understanding of โ€œyouโ€ is the epicentre of the program.

This program is an opportunity for you to be part of a group healing process with 5 weeks of coaching and education alongside one-on-one mentoring, plus an individual session with Maree. This is an immersion into all things about you and to improve your vitality. This program is ideal for people who want to understand themselves better; who are looking to manage their inflammation and wanting support with multi-modalities; to find clarity amongst all the information out there.

Over the 5 weeks we will delve into; Your Story & Pathway with Inflammation; Strategies to calm everything down; The Infinity of Solutions; The Planning of your Pathway. Each week various elements will be covered from physiology, nutrition, mindfulness, where to get help, gentle movement, common mistakes people make in their journey.

This self-inquiry program will help you work out your next steps with your journey of calming pain & inflammation. The program includes 5 weeks of group coaching, individual mentoring with working out your plan and an individual session with Maree. Investment $255. Dates: 18/10, 25/10, 31/10, 8/11, 15/11 2pm โ€“ 4pm. To register text Maree ASAP as space is limited. (Online version will be available, be sure to register your interest, sessions can be attended via zoom if needed)

To learn more about the program click here

EMR Workshop: Tuesday 18th October 2022 6pm – 8pm

This workshop will be an immersion into understanding how to peel away the health burden of electromagnetic radiation. Addressing electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies, dirty electricity from solar panels, 5G the whole spectrum of radio frequencies, amongst others. Understanding the role EMR plays with sleep disturbance, cellular disruption and the total load theory with methylation, epigenetics and inflammation. Have an introduction to vibrational health, geopathic stressors including how to harness the lay line grids and a general understanding of natural sources of radiation.

The definite outcomes of this workshop is to provide you take home strategies to improve your sleep environment, work space and ways to strengthen your cells to manage the increasing saturation of these fields.

Workshop $55 includes eBook Healing the Zapped.

Term 4 Calendar 2022: Dates and Events with Maree

Subject to change. Bookings Essential – Text 0428 438315

Tuesday 4th October9am Therapeutic YogaTuesday morning only due to school holidays
Tuesday 11th October9am & 4.30pm
Therapeutic Yoga
Wednesday 12th OctoberFULL DAY RETREAT
9.30am – 5pm
@ Wellness Path Day Spa
Thursday 13th October9am & 10.45am
Yoga/ Qigong
ย 9am @ Wellness Path
10,45am @ Corlette Hall
Tuesday 18th October9am Yoga & 4.30pm Therapeutic YogaInflammation Course Group Coaching
2pm – 4pm
Thursday 20th October9am & 10.45am
Yoga/ Qigong
ย 9am @ Wellness Path
10,45am @ Corlette Hall ย 
Tuesday 25th October9am & 4.30pm YogaInflammation Course Group Coaching
2pm – 4pm
Thursday 27th October9am & 10.45am
Yoga/ Qigong
ย ย 9am @ Wellness Path
10,45am @ Corlette Hall
Monday 31st October *Inflammation Course Group Coaching
11am – 1pm
Tuesday 1st November9am Yoga only
(Melbourne Cup no 4.30pm)
Thursday 3rd NovemberNo classes 
Tuesday 8th November9am Yoga & 4.30pm
Therapeutic Yoga
Inflammation Course Group Coaching
2pm – 4pm
Thursday 10th November9am & 10.45am
Yoga/ Qigong
ย ย 9am @ Wellness Path
10,45am @ Corlette Hall
Tuesday 15th November9am Yoga & 4.30pm
Therapeutic Yoga
Inflammation Course Group Coaching
2pm – 4pm
Thursday 17th November9am & 10.45am
Yoga/ Qigong
ย ย 9am @ Wellness Path
10,45am @ Corlette Hall
Tuesday 22nd November9am Yoga & 4.30pm Yoga12pm End of Year Gathering โ€“ YOU ARE INVITED Corlette Hall
Thursday 24th November9am & 10.45
Yoga/ Qigong
ย ย 9am @ Wellness Path
10,45am @ Corlette Hall
Tuesday 29th November9am Yoga & 4.30pm
Therapeutic Yoga
Thursday 1st December9am Yoga / Qigongย ย 9am @ Wellness Path
10,45am @ Corlette Hall
Tuesday 6th December9am & 4.30
Therapeutic Yoga
Thursday 8th December9am & 10.45am
Yoga/ Qigong
ย ย 9am @ Wellness Path
10,45am @ Corlette Hall
Tuesday 13th December9am Yoga & 4.30
Therapeutic Yoga
Thursday 15th December9am & 10.45am Yoga/ QigongLast Sessions for the Year of 2022 ๐Ÿ˜Š

Please remember that I am here to serve however I can, best wishes always, Maree ๐Ÿ˜Š

Maree Frawley โ€“ Located at Corlette Hall; Cascade Walk Arcade; Wellness Path. 0428 438315.

For ease of communication and prompt reply, text messages are the best immediate form of communication ๐Ÿ˜Š

There are more product lines in the Practice at Cascade Walk Arcade. From OOFOS shoes and thongs (like walking on clouds), EMR solutions, supplements and various health solutions…. we are here to support your health however we can! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Looking forward to Term 4 and thank you for a great Term 3 2022!

Best Wishes Always! Maree

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