Yoga, Qigong & Your Health with Maree 2022

Term 3 July/August/September 2022

After a wonderful road trip including the hot springs at Moree, we are settling in for a journey of Yoga, Qigong and focus on your health goals. I hope you have the time to have a quick read about:

  • Yoga / Qigong/ Inflammation Workshops / Retreats Term 3 Dates & Timetable
  • Inflammation Workshop Specifically. Price reduction and starting date 03/08/2022
  • Some preferred products and bundles of self care that are being stocked at the Practice @ Cascade Walk Arcade
  • Logistics and your ease of participation
  • Access to Online Community
  • Technique focus – Breathing

Term 3 Timetable 2022

TEXT Maree for booking requests
0428 438 315
Corlette Hall
Therapeutic Yoga FULL
Wellness Path Day Spa
Therapeutic Yoga
Individual consultations available and special group sessions2pm
Cascade Walk Arcade All Things Inflammation Program
5 week program
By application
Corlette Hall
Not on 1st Thurs each month
Corlette Hall
Therapeutic Yoga
Corlette Hall
Qigong 4 week program SPACES NOW AVAILABLE

Bookings are essential and classes may be subject to change under extenuating circumstances

All Things Inflammation Program

It is awesome to announce that I have been able to reduce the costs of this 5 week program and incorporate ways for easier participation. ($55 discount). The topics scheduled will still be the same and I will also be incorporating further information due to the questions that have come through. We will be focusing on inflammation and specific programs to support, spinal, hip, knee, neck and other areas dependent on needs of participants. Also auto-immune and cellular focus.

The start of the course will be delayed a week due to some responsibilities that have distracted my focus over the last weeks (due to the flooding over at home). Also due to the world in which we live, you can participate via zoom if you are unable to get to our location at the Cascade Walk Arcade Nelson Bay. What this also means is that the sessions will be recorded and available if you are unable to make a physical session.

The fee for the program has been reduced and to make it more accessible, you are welcome to pay installments or even just pay each week if needed. $220 covers the 5 x 2 hour sessions, plus the extra inclusions as detailed in course outline.

Confirming start date as 2nd August 2pm Cascade Walk Arcade.

For more about the program click here.

Health Solution Products at Port Stephens Chiropractic & Yoga

In our search to continue to support the needs of our patients and clients we are focusing on making solutions more accessible.

Oofos Footwear range: We have introduced a small range of Oofos footwear at the Practice at Cascade Walk Arcade; thongs; slides; clogs; canvas shoes; limited size range at the moment. Oofos have become synonymous with managing foot pain including the infamous plantar fasciitis…! I have been wearing the thongs for nearly 2 months and am so impressed with technology. I also invested in the canvas shoe and I cannot be more happy with how the chronic foot issues that I had been managing have now improved in leaps and bounds. As we are keeping a small range, we will do special orders once a month and continue to provide great solutions for chronic inflammation. To have a read about their technology and look at their range… Feel welcome to come into the Practice to try some on. I have had my brother and a close friend be raving fans of this brand for years and I can understand why. Price range is from $70 through to $190.

Nepalese knitted booties for the cooler weather… including for Yoga: After being introduced to these on our road trip, I bought some extras from my friend….! I love mine. Although they started off small and I have approx. size 8 foot… Kevin size 12/13 stretched mine for him to wear and then after washing returned to size… (thank goodness!) There are a couple in each small, medium and medium/large. I am sorry that the colour selection is not huge, but I think they make a statement of warmth regardless of the colours. At cost for my community $15 per pair.

Essential Oils: There are still a small range of oils at the Practice and if anyone needs help with any specific oils, let me know. I have had a request to make up some of the “heal me” mix that we diffuse at the Practice and what I diffused regularly at Government Rd… let me know and I can bring down to our classes.

We have introduced a beautiful range of essential oil roll ons that have crystal roller and contain 24K gold leaf …. There are different remedies from energy, sleep, heal, travel plus more. They are a nurturing gift for self or for friends and family. Cost $22

Gifts and Crystals: There are a small range of crystals and crystal gifts that I have for retreats. Maybe a good idea for friends or grandchildren. Katea and Kaiyu have made some necklaces with leather and faux leather (vegan friendly) for a selection of crystals. Prices range between $15 – $20.

One of my favourites would be the heart essential oil or perfume necklaces as pictured above. The hearts are shaped out of jade, smoky quartz, amethyst or rose quartz and come with a silver plated necklace.

With some of the crystals I have a bulk order with obsidian (great for EMR deflection), ruby kyanite and some for the crystal meditations for later in the term. Prices for pieces vary between $4-$5 at cost.

There are also fluorite chip necklaces, amethyst necklace and shungite bracelets. Price range $20 or less.

Orgone Australia: have a range of products that we carry. These products have been shown to assist management of electromagnetic radiation. Solutions include bracelets, necklaces, mobile phone disks, stellar dome, teddy bears for children (had to give these to the grandkids).

Other Health Solutions: Foot Patches; Ear Candles; Ya Mate; Do Terra Ice Blue;

Nurturing Bundles of Self Care: I have worked with some friends to put together a couple of bundles of self care. The bundles Love & Nurture and Calm & Clear have a mix of nurturing vibrational health products and processes. To read more about the bundles click here. There is approximately $100 worth of retail value that I have been able to organise into a few bundles for $55. At the moment there are a handful available. For more information click here

Logistics and Participation in Yoga to enhance your Comfort

Please be in the room lying down on your back relaxing 5 minutes before class is scheduled to commence.

  • Due to the current world conditions, I will ask you to bring your own mats and cushions. There will be limited options available due to cleaning logistics. My recommendations for your equipment would be:
    • Drink bottle, layers of clothing including socks
    • 1-5 cushions
    • Blanket for meditation
    • For those of you needing extra softness, bring a doona folded over for under your mat. Another successful option is the trusty old sleeping bags… great for warmth & padding
    • Please bring more equipment and softness than normal! Your comfort is everything!
    • Be creative to make moving your “Yoga kit” easy and simple. Rolling everything in together like a swag with a strap around it is a great option.
  • Due to social distancing / non-masking during class: I ask that we keep the hall space a “quiet space” and that you have your conversations outside. Feel welcome to set up your equipment and then chat outside. Or just simply set up and then make yourself comfortable on a mat, with focus on your health. Please do not feel you can’t or shouldn’t talk in the hall…. It is just that I really want to create a space in the hall where you can focus and retreat into your health and leave the world and its’ woes outside for awhile. Due to many of you with your health conditions and some of you as carers, if we can maintain a bit of distance and have conversations out in the fresh air, we will address some of the concerns with face to face classes that have been raised within our beautiful Yoga Community.
  • I ask that any and all conversations in and around the hall during our yoga time, are for your highest good. Let’s leave the world, its’ politics and problems temporarily. Your health is my number one concern and I ask that you prioritse this for yourself as well. Again, if you do happen to discuss world events etc, that is ok, I just ask that whenever possible that we create a space and consider the sensitivities and journey that your fellow Yogis are on as well.
  • To say the obvious, if you have been in any environment or are symptomatic, I ask that you still adhere to recommendation as per the Public Health Order.
  • Please be set up 5 minutes prior to class commencement. If you are running late, please text me, so I can ensure the spacing works for your arrival.

Class Fees for Term 3 2022: Cash is always preferred.

For direct deposits banking details are Port Stephens Chiropractic & Yoga BSB: 082 810 Acc #: 77 390 1660 Individual classes $25 or 5 sessions $105 inc GST.

Access to Online Community

There is Facebook group with over 200 classes for you to practice at home. These classes cover breathing, meditation, specific hip knee, back rehab, vinyasa, relaxation, restorative, Qigong plus more. Time spans from 5mins through to 90 mins.

If you do not have access to Facebook there is now an option of accessing through a members only area via my web page. Please contact me to arrange this.

Fees for online monthly access: $82.50. To attend face to face class x 1 per week and access to online $105 per month. For other variations of 2x face to face class plus online just have a chat to me

Technique Focus: Breathing

So often when a new friend joins our Community, there is often a feeling of wonder, even confusion with the breath work. The feedback is that at times it feels like we should breathe in the opposite manner to what is recommended in some movements. Some just simply overwhelmed with the focus on the breath.

Here is a little secret……

The first sign of progress is……. that you are actually mindful to your breath and not focused on the mental chatter that often dominates our thoughts…. 😊

The muscular skeletal techniques, the cranial techniques and each aspect serve a purpose of connecting mind and body. Then as we settle into the techniques, we start to maximise benefits of core strength. lymphatic support, cranial relaxation (including jaw) and so much more.

The health benefits of breath work when it comes to managing inflammation, blood sugar, alkaline/acidity, cardiovascular health and so much more, are being documented in fantastic research.

Breath work is an art. A discipline. A medicine, A cellular super food. A life form. A being. A super power!

Over time there are many techniques that will come into our awareness. So far in my 25 years of Yoga there are thousands of techniques that have come onto my radar. Some resonate with me and some I let pass. I have a simple approach and avoid complicating anything. I am committed to maximising the health gains of our Yoga and Qigong which is way we practice the breath work that we do. If you have questions or wonder why we do or do not do things, come have a chat as I am sure someone else will want to know as well.

Maree Frawley as part of Port Stephens Chiropractic & Yoga

Currently working out of Corlette Hall, Cascade Walk Arcade & Wellness Path Day Spa

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