Chiropractic Care 😊

Chiropractic Care with Chiropractor Dr Kevin Schwager

Cascade Walk Arcade

Shop 11, 6 Stockton St

Nelson Bay NSW 2315

Chiropractor, Dr Kevin Schwager is delivering Chiropractic care from Port Stephens Chiropractic, now located at the Cascade Walk Arcade, Nelson Bay.

Practice Hours: The Practice in Cascade Walk Arcade, will be open with Dr Kevin attending:

Monday PM,

Tuesday AM

Thursday PM.

The work phone is diverted beyond these hours. Please call if you need an appointment or assistance during this time. As part of our health and safety plan, appointments are essential for Chiropractic Care and or supplement/ product collection.

Thank you🙏, we really appreciate your ongoing assistance with our compliance to Public Health Orders.

Yoga Update: Yoga Sessions with Maree, in February 2022, continue to be online due to the Public Health Order (PHO). This will be reviewed the end of February 2022 in line with the NSW Government review of the Public Health Order.

To access the online programs of Yoga, Pilates, Core Strength, Meditation and Health Coaching, please contact Maree directly:

Yoga Breath Work
Yoga – Mind, Body, Breath work for all abilities 😊

Health Information Corner EMR: This month of February 2022, we are focusing on supporting awareness of the evidence and to encourage strategies to deal with the health burden that electromagnetic radiation can possibly have.

Some Information about managing and reducing exposure to EMR and mitigating health impact: The following link is a very brief introduction and immediate action plan to reducing exposure and mitigating risk with the relentless barage of Electromagnetic Radiation both man made and natural as well as radio frequencies There is a great deal of information available, 13 000 research articles covering the health impacts and encouragement to reduce, eliminate exposures.

Product Review for Defender Shield and Orgone Effects: There are some awesome protection solutions that we love from Defender Shield. Late 2021, we ordered a whole range of products to trial.

Radiation protection phone cases to protect your body when your phone is in your pocket, handbag or when holding during use. These have reduced biological heat transfer, reduced physical absorption of radiation and enhanced our comfort if our kids are using the device.

Blue light filter glasses to reduce impact of white/blue light which are now known for their sleep disruption and release of adrenalin and cortisol. We have seen a remarkable improvement in our children after screen time and have felt the benefits ourselves. In their glasses range they have a style that sits over prescription glasses as well as magnified lenses.

Gloves to protect the hands from radiation including heat whilst using technology. This has been great for the kids with their gaming controller and has helped with the extra computer usage.

Ear muff headsets: The sound has been great, but as yet, they have not received enough usage to be able to comment on the benefit. They have an inbuilt microphone which would assist with the zoom meeting culture and gaming cultures. Just in our family, not enough usage yet to provide a solid review.

The prices reflect the quality, and after their arrival and me taking the reduced EMR measurements…. we are extremely satisfied.

As a side note: Air tube headsets on ebay are actually cheaper and similar quality than most business houses specialising in these products. As a point of health, bluetooth airtube are something you should research further as distance from the body should always be a priority which is not achieved with Bluetooth Airtube. Another cheaper solution if you are feeling heat in your hands after screen usage, you could use the imitation stylus pens available from the cheap stores – $2 – $5 as opposed to purpose specific stylus that commence at $20 plus. The benefits of these are the less skin contact with the screen, which is why we also trialed the gloves.

This is an affiliate link we have registered Defender Shield, with which may or may not lead to commission which we disclose in good faith anyway 😊 🙏

There is information in the Practice with our support of Orgone Effects Australia. We encourage you to have a look at the solutions that they offer in protecting yourself and your family.

Essential Clinical Care under the Public Health Order: Chiropractic Care for emergency care and for the support of chronic health conditions will be the ongoing priority under the current PHO from NSW Government. Your health is our number one priority. Please follow health directives from NSW Health especially if you have any symptoms or have been in any hotspots. Please delay your appointment if you are impacted by the requirements of the PHO and follow directives. If you are isolating and need assistance directly from Kevin, please phone and we can discuss ways that you can temportarily support continuity of your care at home. We continue to meet our obligations under the PHO.

Practice of Health and Safety: For your comfort when arriving for your Chiropractic appointment with Dr Kevin, we have outdoor or indoor seating. For your safety and the health of all in the Practice, there is plenty of fresh air moving through the space. We have removed QR check in as per PHO. We will continue to keep records of your arrival and departures. As per the PHO, a person entering any health or medical facility, other than a pharmacy, as a PATIENT, is NOT required to provide contact details under the Public Health (COVID-19 Gathering Restrictions) Order (No 2) 2021.

Some Logistics with Parking: The Council Car Park is paid parking and metered. All rate payers and residents of all of Port Stephens have free parking access through Port Stephens Council. Please visit Port Stephens Council webpage to arrange this, there is an online process. (There is free parking under Woolworths.)

Looking forward to seeing you 😊

Kevin, Maree and Lisa

Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga

02 49 811 664

Cascade Walk Arcade

Nelson Bay