Chiropractic Care: What to Expect

What to Expect as a New Patient

When you call Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga you will talk to our friendly and caring team and be booked in for your Chiropractic Care with Kevin Schwager. Please bring any relevant history with you to your first appointment including previous x-rays, specialist reports.

Your First Visit:

When you come in to Port Stephens Chiropractic & Yoga you will feel care and support. You will be asked to complete a form that details your history and lifestyle as well as your goals with chiropractic care. If you would prefer to complete these forms at home, please ask our team to have them emailed to you.

You will then have time with Dr Kevin:

  • A comprehensive non-invasive physical exam
  • A discussion of your history and health concerns
  • Referral for X-rays if necessary

Your Second Visit of Chiropractic Care:

We will thoroughly review your exam findings and any X-rays taken and work with other Practitioners and Specialists as required. We will discuss the best pathway for your recovery to optimal health. The team will also discuss if Chiropractic care is appropriate for you, so you can proceed with certainty and confidence. You will receive Chiropractic treatment.

Subsequent Visits:

During your care specific chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, exercise, understanding of your body, the role of rest, hot/cold treatment and when or if appropriate no treatment. Once your health is stabilised, understanding how to maintain mechanical stability through Chiropractic care, exercise and lifestyle becomes the priority.

At Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga we have a whole-body approach that will leave you certain, confident, relaxed and ready to heal.

Call our friendly team to arrange your Chiropractic Treatment, phone (02) 49811664.

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