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Chiropractor, Dr Kevin G. Schwager and Rejuvenation Mentor, Maree Frawley are inspired to provide health services, health solutions and support the ongoing education within Port Stephens Chiropractic & Yoga and the wider community with regaining and maintaining health and wellbeing. Located in Nelson Bay, we welcome new patients to begin and continue their journey towards health and vitality.

Our Purpose is to help you achieve the health and quality of life that you desire. To move from dis-ease in the body to harmony and health.

Our Mission at Port Stephens Chiropractic & Yoga is 3 inspired actions:

1. To serve you with empathy, understanding and commitment through the delivery of life enhancing Chiropractic services, yoga sessions, meditation sessions, retreat days, health products and health education.

2. To educate and empower all patients, clients and community with health solutions specific to their own unique needs.

3. To create community awareness of proactive health actions and solutions that can remove confusion and provide clarity for the unique needs of each individual.

Our Vision is to help and assist as many people as possible to live a healthy vibrant life that is balanced physically, emotionally and mentally.

Our Values:

Walk in your shoes.

Speak from The Heart, Fearlessly.

Play is Work – Work is Play.

Be The Change.

Act on Inspired Thoughts

Chiropractic Treatments

When it comes to Chiropractic care, there are many obvious benefits to use Chiropractic care for pain management for back pain, neck pain and injury. There are also so many benefits of Chiropractic with supporting overall wellness due to the focus on strengthening the bodies innate ability to heal itself via a strong nervous system.

When you are in the care of Dr Kevin, you will find a caring, educated and wise whole-body approach of Chiropractic that encompasses a mastered variety of techniques specific for your individual health needs. Over his 25 years as a practicing Chiropractor, Dr Kevin has performed more than a million health enhancing adjustments. Moving people from pain to vitality, rehabilitating sports injuries and acute injuries, helping women during their pregnancy, caring for new borns through to 99 year olds and individuals and all families.

Dr Kevin has a wealth of knowledge and has trained many Chiropractors. He is inspired to educate his patients with the best strategies for maintaining their health and quality of life. With a whole-body approach towards Chiropractic treatment, Dr Kevin includes exercise, nutrition, mindset, emotional management and health solutions to enhance your body’s innate healing ability.

Yoga, Meditation, Kids Yoga & Meditation and Retreat Days with Maree Frawley 

Maree is a rejuvenation specialist who believes that every person can live an inspired life full of vitality with the balance of support and challenge.

She provides simple pathways and outstanding nurturing support of how to find clarity amongst the confusion, how to decipher the best options for your personal vitality including nutrition, exercise & emotional management.

The Yoga sessions are small, nurturing and specific for the needs in the room. Combining core strength, mobility, activation, range of motion, stability, breathing & relaxation.

This is a gentle style of Yoga that allows for all levels and limitations to participate together to facilitate rejuvenation. 

Welcome to Port Stephens Chiropractic & Yoga’s world of support and education!

“Our best wishes for health and vitality are with you always! – please call us today so we can help move you to the great health that you deserve!”

Dr. Kevin & Maree

For further information, we welcome your call on 02 49811664

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Port Stephens Chiropractic & Yoga

  1. I am interested in attending a yoga session on Tuesday. How much is a casual class, and which one is the most challenging vinyasa class?

    • Thank you for your comment and question.
      The challenge of these Yoga classes is in the breath and focus upon mindful movement. The sessions are about the simplicity of being in posture with breathing and how the body will realign and strengthen. By definition these classes are not a strong vinyasa, but a gentle flow of rejuvenating postures to assist with rejuvenation and rebalancing.
      Casual Sessions are $15, as classes are small with limited space, please let me know if or when to expect you,
      Best wishes

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